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Colleges and Schools

Pace's Seven Schools and Colleges

From undergraduate to doctoral-level degrees, get going on your career with cutting-edge programs that prepare you to take your place in the constantly changing healthcare system.

Sharpen your critical thinking skills in Pace’s liberal arts college. We offer more than 50 programs, ranging from the arts and humanities to pre-med and pre-law.

Rigorous coursework. Intense legal exercises. Serious client and courtroom exposure. And a nationally acclaimed program in environmental law. Get the skills and experience you need to become an effective lawyer, whichever legal field you choose.

Get out in front with this nationally ranked leader in business education, where the emphasis is on experience-based learning that blends theory and practice.

At the Sands College of Performing Arts, your career begins the day you enter the program, not the day you graduate. Consistently ranked among the best in the country, we offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in acting, directing, voice-overs, commercial dance, and more.

Get into the classroom and in front of students as early as your sophomore year. Learn from faculty who are renowned for their progressive research. Take courses in new specialties. Become a change agent in your career as an educator.

This trailblazing school prepares you for professional work, entrepreneurship, research, and a lifetime passion for digital transformation. Among the highlights: our cybersecurity program.

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You might opt for performing arts or computer science, business studies or pre-med. Once you pick your major you'll be part of a school and its supportive community. Each school is unique, but they share a commitment to providing every student with maximum opportunity.

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