Liz Berro speaking with another student.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Synthesize relevant theories from nursing and other disciplines to develop a framework for conducting research with an emphasis on culturally competent primary health care.
  • Generate evidence to be used as the basis for culturally competent primary health care to improve population health.
  • Generate evidence related to clinical, educational, cultural and organizational issues, needs, and challenges to recommend a course of action for best practices in primary health care.
  • Develop skills in mentorship and leadership roles as nurse scientists in the design, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of research targeting the advancement of culturally competent evidence-based primary health care.
  • Integrate information technology to support culturally competent, evidence-based primary health care research that contributes to nursing and health care knowledge aimed at the reduction of health disparities.
  • Create change in policy by generating evidence within a culturally competent primary health care perspective.
  • Collaborate with intra and inter-professional scholars as well as with inter-sectorial networks within academic, research, practice, or policy arenas for local, national, and global initiatives.