Physician Assistant student working with a mannequin in the simulation lab.

Pace University recruits students domestically and internationally. Included in our overall recruitment and program promotion are visits to and participation in fairs and programs at colleges, universities and agencies in the Lower Hudson Valley as well as external events and activities sponsored by veteran organizations.

Applications are carefully reviewed by the Admission Committee utilizing a holistic approach which considers qualitative and quantitative factors to ensure that we are fulfilling the mission of the program. This multifaceted process focuses on academic credentials as well as prior experience, service history, aspirations and interpersonal skills. Those individuals that the Admissions Committee believe possess the quantitative and qualitative attributes that best align with the program’s academic criteria and mission will be selected for an interview and final consideration for admission. Due to the volume of candidates, not all qualified candidates are guaranteed an interview. Applications are reviewed and admission decisions for seats in the cohort are filled on a rolling basis during the CASPA cycle until are seats are filled.

All candidates must have a completed baccalaureate from a United States or Canadian accredited institution of higher learning. The baccalaureate degree must be completed by June 30th of the year of planned enrollment.

How to Apply

All candidates will be required to apply through CASPA (Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants). Prerequisites must be submitted into CASPA and CASPA e-submission must be completed by June 30th, of the year of planned enrollment.

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Application Deadline

The CASPA application e-submit deadline is March 31.

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The Program aligns with Pace University's mission to impart to its graduate students a deep knowledge of their discipline and connection to its community as well as its embodiment of an ethos of respect for and celebration or our diversity, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. Points are applied during the admissions process for candidates that align this mission. We encourage individuals from all backgrounds, including but not limited to residents of the Hudson Valley, veterans and graduates of Pace University or health professions Pre-Health curriculums, first generations students and individuals from other populations that are underrepresented in the health professions or have experience in underserved areas, to apply.