Physician Assistant student working with a mannequin in the simulation lab.

Background Check Policy

There are various laws, standards and employer policies that require all employees, volunteers and students working in or assigned to a clinical site to undergo a criminal background check. Consequently, except for a few clinical sites to which these laws, standards and policies may not apply, the clinical affiliates of the Pace University-Pleasantville Physician Assistant Program (the “PA Program”) require that a criminal background check be conducted on each PA Program student assigned to the clinical site before the student will be permitted to begin the clinical assignment.

After accepting the offer of admission to the PA Program, students must complete a criminal background check. The criminal background check can be accessed via the PA Program using Universal Background Screening.

Individuals considering applying to the PA Program should be aware that based on certain criminal convictions clinical affiliates may not accept a student for a clinical assignment or may rescind a previous acceptance. In such an event, and depending on the circumstances, the student may be unable to complete a required clinical experience and consequently the PA Program curriculum requirements. Students who are unable to complete the PA Program curriculum requirements are subject to dismissal from the PA Program.

In addition, certain criminal convictions may result in the denial of the credentials needed to practice. Prospective students who are concerned about a criminal conviction are urged to contact the relevant state and/or federal agencies to inquire whether their criminal record may adversely affect the issuance of the credentials needed to practice as a physician assistant.