Liz Berro speaking with another student.
Sharon Wexler

Greetings from the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Program at Pace University. As the Chair, I am delighted to welcome you! Our program admitted its first students in the fall of 2017 and continues to admit each year for a class that begins each fall. The need for the program is great, and we are the only Nursing PhD program between Washington Heights in New York City and Binghamton College of SUNY. Our focus is on nurses in the Mid-Hudson region of New York State, although our students come from many other areas, states and countries. Our mission is unique in that primary healthcare is the foundation of the program. Primary healthcare, unlike primary care, focuses on five principles: equitable distribution of all resources, community involvement, focuses on prevention, and appropriate technology and using a multisectoral approach. A multisectoral approach recognizes that health is affected by, and affects, housing, education, clean air and public water supplies. Our students’ research focuses on the full range of healthcare factors from prevention to treatment of illness.

The purpose of our program is to prepare nurses who will be scientists, leaders, and educators. Each graduate is ready to conduct research, discover new knowledge that will impact patient care, and become a steward of the profession. Our graduates are prepared to respond to complex needs related to population health. They are ready to assume leadership positions in diverse healthcare settings and academia with a particular focus on specific components of primary health care. Our faculty is committed to the success of each student who is admitted to the program. The PhD in Nursing website contains key information about the program, from the admission process and procedures to photos and professional accomplishments of our faculty and students.

Sharon Wexler, PhD, RN
Professor and Chair, PhD Program in Nursing