Group of Physician Assistant students studying together.


With faculty co-authorship completion program students have the opportunity to submit their literary works; many are published, and some have garnered prestigious national awards, as described below.

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Monica Furman, RPA-C (BS class of 2008, completion MS class of 2011) won first place in the PAragon publishing award for this article (published with Professor Denise Rizzolo, PhD, PA-C). The American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) recognizes the nation's top PAs with their highest honor, the PAragon Awards. These awards confer special recognition on PAs who have distinguished themselves through their unparalleled service to patients, their communities, the profession and the Academy. The Awards honor exemplary PA service in six categories: Outstanding PA of the Year, Humanitarian PA of the Year, Federal Service PA of the Year, PA Service to the Underserved Award, Physician-PA Partnership Award and the PAragon Publishing Awards. The PAragon Publishing Awards honored three PAs who authored outstanding articles that were published in peer-reviewed journals in 2011. The winners were formally honored during the IMPACT 2012 AAPA Conference in Toronto.

Kathy Clift, PA-C; Denise Rizzolo, PA-C, PhD; and Jan Enger won a prestigious 2015 Apex Award for Publication Excellence for this article.