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Destiny One

About Destiny One

Destiny ONE is Pace University's solution to provide students with a method to enroll in non-traditional, non-credit classes.

Students can enroll and pay for a course in a shopping cart-esque experience.

Upon enrolling, students are provided with a Pace username to gain access to the LMS to take their classes.

Student Portal

Finding and Activating Your Pace Account

Step 1. Finding Your Pace Account

Note: It may take up to 1 business day for your account to be created. If your name does not appear, you may also try typing only your Last Name in the Name textbox and select All Students.

Step 2. Activating Your Pace Account

Please follow this guide to activate your Pace Account.

Step 3. Multi-Factor Authentication: Duo Mobile

Pace University uses a Multi-Factor Authentication to login to various systems including the LMS to take classes.

Please follow this guide to enroll into Duo Mobile.