At the core of the Office of Multicultural Affairs (ōMA) mission is the commitment to provide opportunities and venues for Pace University and external communities to examine, discuss, debate, collaborate and develop partnerships around themes that perpetuate (un)checked power, privilege, marginalization and social injustices.

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About Us

ōMA’s primary mission is to foster an educational environment where each student is supported, affirmed, and respected as an individual regardless of personal or perceived identity or classification. Our lens goes beyond race/ethnicity/nationality, to include the cultures of gender, gender identity, poverty, violence, differing abilities and aging.

Find Your People

Build relationships, get connected, and find your Pace family. ōMA offers community-based programming on the New York City and Pleasantville campuses. Explore them below.

The mission of the AALANA Program is to assist first-year students in getting acclimated to a new environment while providing leadership, guidance, and support that present opportunities for our students social and academic development. AALANA is an acronym which stands for African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American. At Pace University, we understand that there are students of color who do not fit exactly into those rigid categories. With that said, when we say "AALANA," we include all students of all racial and ethnic identities.

ALMA is designed to facilitate the retention, scholarship, graduation, and leadership of historically marginalized males. Representing the diversity of the New York City area, we are a collective of committed faculty and staff who have all come together for one reason: to ensure an enriched experience at Pace University.

The mission of POWER is to promote intersectional feminism through weekly discussions, activism, advocacy, and education. We strive to support, challenge, and encourage women by creating a safe space. We are a student-led organization that is recognized by Student Development and Campus Activities and Pace’s Student Government Association.

The Shades Collective invites the spectrum of women of color and their allies to engage in academic prowess, meaningful dialogues, community engagement, and leadership. Our goal is to support you during your time at Pace and to facilitate your graduation process.

The Urban Male Initiative (UMI) is designed to facilitate the retention, scholarship, graduation, and leadership of historically underrepresented Black and Latino males. We are a collective of committed faculty and staff that represent the diversity of the New York metropolitan area. Some of us are from down south and others from the south Bronx. We come from Africa, the Caribbean, and the US mainland. We're white, black, Latino, and everything in between, and we have all come together for one reason: to ensure your successful graduation from Pace.

Resources Available to You

Curl up with a good book, get immersed in a movie, or do some research with scholarly articles. We offer a wide range of interdisciplinary materials for you to use. See what we offer on your campus:

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In Our Own Voices

The voices represent students from Pace University and the City University of New York (CUNY), as well as their family members and friends. Some of their accounts are uplifting, while others are tragic and speak to the failures of immigration laws, the educational system and public policies that are designed to protect the underserved and marginalized. Altogether, they form a kaleidoscope of experiences that at times mesh seamlessly and other times collide with our sensibilities. Nevertheless, they remain our stories.

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Add More Opportunity

Get connected with internships, outside scholarships, and other opportunities to help make your Pace experience a success.

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Workshops and Consultations

ōMA provides consultation and collaboration with faculty, staff, and students on a host of diversity-related issues. Our assessments include the university-wide Diversity Campus Climate Survey and Food Insecurity Survey. We also facilitate workshops to the University community on cultural pluralism, identity, and social justice.

Contact the office on your campus to learn more:

New York City Campus: (212) 346-1546
Pleasantville Campus: (914) 773-3628

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Commitment to Diversity

Since 1906, our dedication to Opportunitas has been reflected in the wealth of distinctive worldviews and voices that come from the Pace community’s constellation of experiences. Embracing diversity of race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, citizenship, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, marital or domestic partnership status, is central to our mission.