Apply Now: Social Justice Week Planning Committee

Alyssa Cressotti
February 9, 2022

Pace’s third annual Social Justice Week is scheduled for October 24-28 and we need your help to plan and promote this week-long event! All members of the Pace Community—students, staff, and faculty—are invited to apply to be part of this year’s planning committee. Applications are due by Friday, March 11.

Social Justice Week Committee Application

Social Justice Week at Pace University is designed to offer an ongoing memorial for DJ Henry and further commit Pace to social justice and anti-racism. A community-driven effort, the week aims to offer original programming that adheres to values of equity and justice and engages the campus community in learning activities and dialogue centered on the issues of social justice. Social Justice Week seeks to create spaces to challenge white supremacy among other forms of oppression and to create a starting point from which meaningful dialogue and action can be created for the entire Pace Community.

The Social Justice Week planning committee comprises four subcommittees each charged with a different mission. Students are welcome to apply to serve as a co-chair of a subcommittee. Please review the subcommittee descriptions below:

  • Marketing and Communication: Design all marketing materials including the Social Justice Week calendar, web site, and social media posts. Committee members will also disseminate marketing materials to various newsletters, listservs, departments and student organizations. Subcommittee members will also oversee the committee email account and respond to inquiries as needed. The bulk of the work of this subcommittee will take place in the month leading up to Social Justice Week and throughout the week itself.
  • DJ Henry Memorial: Plan and execute a DJ Henry Memorial event, activity or commemoration. This may take place on each campus or on one campus with planned access for all Pace Community members. This program may take many forms and the planning process should include communication with the Henry family, via designated contacts. This subcommittee will begin planning the program(s) at the start of the semester and work will continue until the program date(s).
  • Program Selection: Work with the Marketing and Communication Subcommittee to promote to the campus community the opportunity to submit program proposals for inclusion in Social Justice Week. This subcommittee will then review all submissions and select those to include in the Social Justice Week calendar. The work of this subcommittee will take place throughout September and very early October.
  • Calendar: This subcommittee will coordinate with all program sponsors to create the schedule for Social Justice Week. Committee members will work to avoid multiple scheduling conflicts, receive all program information, and share the calendar in a timely manner with the Marketing and Communication subcommittee. This subcommittee also administers a survey to all program hosts. This subcommittee's work will take place in late September and early October.

If you are not able to join the committee but are interested in hosting an event during the week, please look out for our call for program submissions in late summer/early fall.

In the meantime, learn more about DJ’s story by watching this video produced by the DJ Henry Dream Fund or by scrolling through this comic by @thefakepan on Instagram.

Applications are due by Friday, March 11. Please email with any questions.

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