Becoming a Professional by Studying Abroad

January 27, 2021
Lubin student Deniz sen '21

Deniz Ilgaz Sen

Assistant Strategist, Business Solutions, Horizon Media

Class of 2021

BBA in Management - Arts and Entertainment Management with a minor in Psychology

Member Of: Sigma Alpha Pi National Honor Society of Leadership and Success, Pace Photography Club

Meet Deniz Ilgaz Sen, an international student from Turkey and an Arts and Entertainment Management major who quickly made New York City and Pace University her new home. She credits her great experiences at Pace to faculty and friends. To take a little break from the city that never sleeps, Deniz decided to study abroad in Florence, Italy, where she was able to adapt to yet another different culture. There, she also took a Pairing Food and Wine class, which taught her many new local recipes. She believes that international education helps students grow and provides valuable opportunities for the future.

Why did you choose Pace University and the Lubin School of Business?

While attending the Italian high school in my hometown, Istanbul, Turkey, my dream was always to set foot in New York City for college. I was having a hard time finding the right major for me, until I stumbled upon Arts and Entertainment Management at Pace University. Looking at the curriculum, all the internship opportunities, various workshops, and the countless number of clubs, I knew Pace University and the Lubin School of Business was where I belonged. As an international student, I never felt homesick at Pace thanks to the undivided attention of my professors, advisors, and all the new friends I have made.

Why did you choose to study abroad in Florence?

Over the years, I had visited Italy many times and I always found myself coming back to Florence. After spending two years in one of the most crowded and fast-paced cities in the world, I wanted to challenge myself, and furthermore cherish calmness in a city full of history, art, and impeccable cuisine.

What were the greatest challenges you had to overcome during your experiences of studying abroad?

For me the biggest challenge was adapting to the diverse lifestyle of Italy, especially in such a small city. Even though there are many tourists during the day, this doesn’t affect the culture at all. Everything in my daily life changed -- from what I ate, how I commuted to school, how I interacted with people, and what I did during the weekends. My experience gave me an understanding of how much a person can develop and reach a different stage of self-actualization.

You will make so many unforgettable memories, meet amazing people from all over the world, travel to other countries, and expose yourself to new cultures and languages.

Any advice for other Lubin students looking to study abroad?

Absolutely, do it! Even though it might seem scary at first you don’t realize how rewarding an experience like this can be until you’ve gone through with it. It will empower you with personal strength and open a door to endless possibilities. You will make so many unforgettable memories, meet amazing people from all over the world, travel to other countries, and expose yourself to new cultures and languages. I have met with so many other study abroad students who found their true passions in Florence and extended their semester into a whole year, and that could be you!.

What does #LubinLife mean to you?

To me #LubinLife is the beginning of a world of success, strong connections, and a sense of belonging to a community full of ambitious, yet welcoming people. #LubinLife provides students with endless opportunities from organizations in their desired field to professional settings that help prepare them for the future. The culture at Lubin is challenging, yet gives students a chance to grow personally into outstanding businessmen and businesswomen.