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Call for Proposals: 20th Annual Institute for Teaching and Learning

Johnni Medina
January 18, 2022

Rise Up! Cultivating a Diverse Vision of Resilience

The yearly Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) promotes faculty excellence through dialogue with others throughout the University, encouraging collaboration from all disciplines and levels.

This year’s ITL celebrates a diverse vision of our resilience during a challenging time and provides the opportunity to share how we have risen through these difficulties to highlight positive outcomes, featuring three keynote addresses:

Tuesday, May 17 | Cultivating Wellness

Keynote Speaker: Estela Lugo will highlight her work as a disabilities advocate and provide attendees a motivational perspective on wellness and the forces that drive us to find purpose.

Wednesday, May 18 | Cultivating Career Resilience

Keynote Speaker: Laura Tamman, a veteran political strategist who has advised hundreds of candidates, brings her expertise in ways to support the Pace Community in shining a positive light on our work from a more public perspective.

Thursday, May 19 | Cultivating a Resilient Vision of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Keynote Speaker: Bryan Dewsbury, PhD, will discuss his team’s research projects that investigate the social context of teaching and learning, as well as his work helping faculty transforming their practice pertaining to inclusive education.

Call for Proposals

Consistent with the theme of cultivating a diverse vision of resilience, this call for proposals invites interactive workshops and presentations that address any of the following topics:

  • Wellness and how success is defined. What have you done to improve your own wellness and the wellness of members of the Pace Community?
  • Addressing wellness during the pandemic or other stressful events.
  • Sharing scholarship publicly in formats beyond traditional academic journal articles.
  • Advancing your career: What is successful for you, how do you define success?
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Success: How have you created DEIJ success, how have you defined this success, what were the outcomes, what can we still do?
  • How have you changed the definition of success in light of the pandemic?
  • How have you changed the definition of resilience in light of the pandemic?

Submit Your Proposal

Please use this link to submit a proposal. Your proposal should be 150-words describing a 45-minute session that demonstrates innovative and unconventional efforts that faculty, staff, and/or students can use to advance the ITL’s overall theme of a diverse vision of resilience. If you have any questions, please email facultycenter@pace.edu.

The deadline to submit a proposal for ITL is Sunday, February 27. Responses to proposals will be sent out by March 31.

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