Clubs: Visual and Performing Arts

December 1, 2021

Pleasantville Campus

Abyss of Sound

A musical performing group that expresses and celebrates raw talent. They are all about creating a musical atmosphere everywhere they go! For more information, check out the Abyss of Sound SetterSync page.

High Definition

A step dance team that strives to create routines that are not only unique, but educate, inform, and inspire their audience. Ready to get stepping with the best of them? Check out High Definition's SetterSync page for more information!

Hip Hop Dance Club

Aims to add culture and diversity to campus through the art of dance. Each class uses choreography to help people develop the rhythm, technique, and self-discipline it takes to have a strong stage presence, which encourages self-expression and increases self-esteem. There is no experience needed! Check out the Hip Hop Dance Club SetterSync page for more information.

New Vybz

Aims to create an outlet for self-expression that explores numerous styles of dance. Anyone with a passion to grow as a dancer is welcome to join. Come learn a variety of styles including contemporary, jazz, hip hop, dancehall, African, and praise dance. For more information, check out the New Vybz SetterSync page.

Pace Drama Alliance

Interested in acting, screenwriting, directing, staging, costumes, or just have a lot of great ideas? Well, Pace Drama Alliance is your stop. The Alliance would like people with all different interests to be involved and want to put on big productions for each semester as well as small ones during open houses. Check out the Pace Drama Alliance SetterSync page for more information!

New York City Campus

A Capella Club

Did you watch the Pitch Perfect Barden Bellas and Treblemakers and want to show off your acapella skills when you got to campus? Well, now you can! Pace's A Capella Club is a premier student-run choir looking to make beautiful music for Pace and beyond. For more information, check out the A Capella Club's SetterSync page.

Pace Music Group

Provides student singers, songwriters, producers, and musicians an opportunity to come together and collaborate. Whether you’re an aspiring producer, budding DJ, singer with some serious pipes, or otherwise musically inclined in any way, you’re welcome here. Check out the Pace Music Group SetterSync page for more information!

Pace Comedy Live

Is a team of writers, directors, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and more working together to create a live comedic performance. Students get to create and participate in original comedy sketches with no auditions required. Check out Pace Comedy Live’s SetterSync page for more information!

Stand Up Productions

A not-for-profit theater company run entirely by students. Their most important goal is to send all profits to charities based on the context of the show or the director’s personal decision. They believe these acts will promote a better atmosphere, establish more fulfilling work habits, and give students the opportunity to use theater to directly benefit the community in which we live and learn. Check out Stand Up Productions' SetterSync page for more information.