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February 2023: A Message from President Krislov

February 7, 2023
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One of the many pleasures of academic life is that we get two opportunities to restart and renew: both at the start of the academic year each September and at the start of the new calendar year each January. As we embark on this new year at Pace University, and our new Spring 2023 semester, it feels as though we’re making an especially fresh start.

I’ll be talking about this new beginning in detail at the State of the University address, set for Wednesday, February 22, at 12:10 p.m. I’ll be speaking in the Student Center on our New York City Campus, and I encourage you to attend if possible. We’ll also livestream the speech, and you can watch from any of our campuses. After the speech, I’ll take questions both from people in the room and those submitted from remote viewers. (Next year, I’ll be back in Westchester!)

I’ll talk about where things stand at Pace today, and where we’re going in the future. We’ll look at the pipeline and retention efforts we’re building to ensure we bring in new students and keep them here till graduation. We’ll talk about the efforts underway to support mental health and wellbeing for everyone on our campuses. And of course we’ll dive into the plans to transform our New York City Campus with the new 15 Beekman academic and residential building set to open for Fall 2023, and the major renovation soon to start on the east side of One Pace Plaza.

There are new things happening all across Pace. Elsewhere in this issue of Pace Now, you can read about students in our Industrial Media Production who helped a noted regional theater company to bounce back after the pandemic, how our National Cyber League competitors are soaring to new cybersecurity heights, and even how Hinako Tanakamaru ’24, an international student from Japan, is adapting to her new life in the Big Apple.

I’m excited for all these new developments across our community. I’m excited to be back for this new semester. And I’m excited for everything we have ahead of us.

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