Go Big, Or Go Home

March 17, 2021
Ethan McKellar and Jacob Selman

Ethan McKellar ’24 and Jacob Selman ’24 are the brains behind F14Productions, a media production company that brings together collaborators from all over the Pace Community to create podcasts, short films, music, and more. Pretty incredible for first-year students.

Ethan McKellar ’24 and Jacob Selman ’24 might be first-year students, but don’t count them out: they’ve hit the ground running since coming to Pace. This past September, they launched F14Productions (F14), a media production company that encourages students to come together and collaborate on creative projects. They’ve already launched the career of a new musical artist, created a public service short film advocating for face coverings, networked with Gen-Z creators through multiple podcast episodes, and so much more. “We both envisioned F14 as a center of free thoughts and innovative ideas,” they agreed. “That means that whatever project we do is not rooted [in] one person, but rather a team of collaborators who want to strive for the best possible outcome.”

Since its inception, F14 has caught the attention of other Pace students through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, all platforms that both Ethan and Jacob agreed were necessary to take advantage of as business owners. “Social media is no longer the future, but the present,” they told us. “There have been some challenges with communication and production, but it all comes down to the reality we live in with the COVID-19 pandemic.” They’ve worked hard to get the word out about F14, and it’s definitely paid off.

“I love working with a team of creative, hard-working people and I thought Pace was a great place to work with those people,” he told us.

Jacob currently hosts The Create Podcast within F14, which is where he interviews other Gen-Z artists and explores topics relating to the entertainment industry. It’s one of his favorite projects. “The Create Podcast​ was something that I started at my high school and continued here at Pace, and it has only grown. I have been able to talk to artists with backgrounds in music, fashion, and more,” he told us.

As for Ethan, his favorite project to work on thus far has been THE F14 MUSIC PROJECT. “To me, it’s the true essence of what our company is about: bringing talented people together to create something truly special,” he said. In it, Ethan has interviewed many students who are aspiring music artists. This includes producers, music supervisors, marketing professionals, video directors, and more. And they’re even releasing new music soon! “We couldn’t be more excited to see this goal be achieved,” Ethan told us.

So where did the name for F14 come from, you might be wondering? Their birthdays! “Both of us share the same birthday: February 14,” they told us. Talk about serendipity.

For all they agree on most things about their business, the two savvy entrepreneurs aren’t majoring in the same subject. What drew them to Pace, however, was the same: a diverse community and variety of opportunities to blend their many interests into one academic experience. “Pace offered a major that very few other colleges had: arts and entertainment management,” Jacob explained. “From there, it was really just falling in love with the potential that this major has.” For Ethan, it was his love of directing and all things theater-related. “I love working with a team of creative, hard-working people and I thought Pace was a great place to work with those people,” he told us.

Keep your eye on their work. There’s no doubt this dynamic duo is destined for bigger and better projects in the future.