The Impactful Accountant

March 24, 2021

Angelina Prevete ’22 is a student who defines campus involvement. She’s currently pursuing the BBA/MBA Public Accounting combined degree program, works as an associate for the student-run business Pace Fit, and has helped launch and run a number of conferences and volunteer opportunities, all while participating in programs at Deloitte and Marks Paneth, and most recently, interning at Estée Lauder. Talk about ambition!

Initially, though, Prevete had her mind set on one day becoming a pediatrics doctor. “I loved helping children and science had been something that I really had a passion all throughout high school,” she explained. However, as graduation loomed, Prevete realized science had always been more of a hobby for her, not a career path. “The other thing that I really enjoyed was numbers—specifically math.” She proceeded to research all the majors that fell into this subject area, and discovered accounting. “I knew that I wanted to get the most of my time here at Pace, and the five-year program seemed like a sure way to do that.”

And she certainly has. For the past two years, Prevete has been planning conferences at Pace including the Women’s Leadership Conference to the Fall Leadership Conference—two very popular events on the Pleasantville Campus. “I have always loved seeing the looks on students’ faces when they attend a conference and walk out with knowledge that will help them succeed,” Prevete explained. “The leadership conferences have shown me how important it is to foster the leader within ourselves and others, and [...] to also listen to those around us.”

It was no surprise, then, that Prevete became involved with the Setters Leadership Program. For one of her involvement projects, she coordinated with the Pace Dance Team and the JCCA Cottage House, a residential treatment center for underprivileged children. A representative had contacted Prevete’s mentor saying that a few girls were interested in learning how to dance. “I jumped at the chance to make it happen,” she told us. “I had danced for the first few years of my childhood, and it was one of the first activities that I truly fell in love with.”

She acted as a liaison between JCCA and the Pace Dance Team, working on the logistics of securing a space and ensuring a timely set-up for the lessons. “It was such a successful event that Setters Leadership Initiatives and the Center for Community Action and Research (CCAR) picked it up as something that they would like to have as a recurring event.” Prevete won the Impact Award at the Setters Leadership Program last year for her efforts.

Prevete was also involved in helping to coordinate Estée Lauder’s Influencer Workshop where they brought together different departments, brand representatives, and influencers. “I was able to sit in and take notes during the entire day of the workshop, [and] I even got to voice my opinions and ask questions,” she said. It changed her perspective. “This event showed me that not only as people, but as corporations, we are continuously trying to improve our processes and trying to be the best version possible.”

Her advice for getting involved? “Say hello to everyone! You never know which hello will turn into a conversation and which conversation will turn into an amazing opportunity. Also: go to events that excite you and talk to the faculty and staff who are running the event.” She insists there is always something to learn if you continue to put yourself out there and ask questions.