LSN Alumna was Hired by Greenwich Hospital Before Senior Graduation

Olivia Fratta
January 31, 2022
Photo of Sarah Gruhn

Pace University's Lienhard School of Nursing alumna Sarah Gruhn was hired by Greenwich Hospital before senior graduation. As a hardworking and dedicated student with a passion for science, Sarah always knew she wanted an occupation that would help others. Sarah decided to pursue nursing after being diagnosed with Lymes Disease and was sick for almost five years. The time she spent around nurses who impacted her recovery and brought her comfort solidified the fact that nursing was the career for her. Sarah was inspired by the opportunities that nurses have to engage and connect with patients while they overcome their struggles.

As a Northern Virginia native, Sarah always knew that she wanted to go somewhere different and have the chance to be on her own. Sarah was drawn to Pace through her college research due to the location, impressive NCLEX scores, and curriculum. After visiting the campus, Sarah was eager to apply once she learned about CHP's approach to nursing education as voiced by the faculty she got to meet.

As a student, Sarah enrolled in Professor Millie Hepburn's Peri-op elective course, which is an exceptional example of experiential learning. After a previous externship experience where she shadowed a peri-op nurse, Sarah was led to apply for this course. These experiences fascinated Sarah and helped her decide to focus her career in peri-op nursing.

Sarah landed a position at Greenwich Hospital to complete her senior practicum in the OR. She was then brought on as a full-time RN after passing her NCLEX; her nurse manager describes her as a superstar. Sarah recommends students to apply to this wonderful program with encouraging staff and an open teaching environment. "I've been very supported by my managers and preceptors and have learned a great deal so far in my time there. It is a place where I feel that people want me to succeed and grow in my career, and that is something that is incredibly beneficial, especially when starting out in such a challenging field," said Sarah.