Madison Lane '25: A Natural Advocate

May 14, 2024
Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University student, Madison Lane

A 2L with a passion for becoming a criminal prosecutor, this semester, you can often find Haub Law student Madison Lane in New York City. “I am externing at the New York County District Attorney’s Office in Manhattan, conveniently located near Pace’s undergraduate campus, 1 Pace Plaza. Often, I spend time studying at 1 Pace Plaza before heading to my externship, where I have gained invaluable experience in the field.” Through Haub Law's Prosecution Externship course, Madison is receiving course credit for this experience. Although she has a passion for criminal law, Madison would like to explore the other side of the legal spectrum and will intern this summer with a private civil litigation firm in White Plains, an opportunity she obtained through the on-campus interview process offered at Haub Law.

Madison has always been confident that she would like to pursue a career as a lawyer. She embarked on her law school journey two weeks following her undergraduate graduation and started as a January admit student at Haub Law in 2023. “I continued full steam ahead and took courses over the summer to become a 2L in the fall. So far, I have loved the close-knit environment that Haub Law fosters. I have had the opportunity to become close with professors and other faculty members. There are endless opportunities and resources to take advantage of both on and off campus.”

Alongside her studies, Madison is actively involved in Haub Law’s Advocacy Program and participates in several mock trial competitions, which occupy a significant portion of her time. “It is a big commitment and very demanding, but I would not trade it for anything else. I have had the opportunity to compete in the Tournament of Champions (Fall 2023), an invite-only mock trial competition hosted by the University of Houston. I also competed as a witness for the National Trial League Competition this semester (Spring 2024). The team won the regular season and the championship title for the first time since the school joined the competition in 2020, making the advocates national champions. I also competed in the American Association for Justice student advocacy trial competition this semester (Spring 2024). I advocated for both sides of the case, plaintiff and defense, as just a 2L, and advanced to the regional finals. This program has been a fantastic opportunity to improve litigation skills before entering the workforce.”

Not one to slow down, Madison is also a Junior Associate for Pace International Law Review and is writing a note on the clash between international cultural traditions and the enforcement of universal human rights. She is also a representative for the law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, at Haub Law and was this organization's Vice President and Treasurer while she was an undergraduate student.

Mentorship has been a critical aspect of Madison’s experience at Haub Law, and she is paying it forward through her participation in Haub Law’s peer mentor program and as a Dean Scholar. A Dean Scholar is an upper-level student who conducts weekly review sessions with 1L students to supplement their regular class instruction. “My experience as a 1L student with Dean Scholars was memorable. Being in contact with another student who had been in the same shoes just a semester before was comforting and reassuring. I knew they intended to help me best understand the material, and all of them had worked hard to do so. I think Dean Scholars are unique to Haub Law and have significantly influenced my success in courses and what I have accomplished here at Haub so far. I am so happy to help provide that same reassurance now as a Dean Scholar for Criminal Law.”

Rounding out Madison’s experience at Haub Law so far has been her participation in a Civil Rights Field Study. “One of the most memorable experiences I have had at Haub Law is the recent opportunity to participate in a Civil Rights Field Study and travel to Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama, to learn more about the civil rights movement. I applied to participate in this course, was selected, and, thanks to a generous anonymous donor, attended at no cost of my own. I was able to walk in the footsteps of those who fought for justice and equality and visit historical sites and landmarks that shed light on the struggles and triumphs of the civil rights movement. The trip broadened my perspective, challenged my preconceptions, and inspired me to advocate for change.”

Although it is hard to believe Madison has any free time, she also enjoys crocheting and spending quality moments with her friends. “I also enjoy crime-related shows on Netflix, which should be no surprise!” As for advice for incoming law students, she would encourage them to come in knowing that the path forward will be challenging and competitive, but always make sure to stop and reflect on what works best for them and be proud of all they are accomplishing.