Meet Caitlin Oris

September 1, 2021
Caitlin Oris

I chose Pace's College of Health Professions for a bunch of reasons. The program was a direct admit nursing program and also had a high NCLEX pass rate. That definitely caught my attention when applying to colleges. But what eventually sealed the deal was when I took a tour of Pace and learned about the amazing clinical sites and opportunities offered to students. There are many clinical sites, especially in New York City, which is where I plan to work in the future.

My mom is a nurse, and she definitely sparked my interest in the profession. Additionally, my time as a volunteer in an ambulance corp. while in high school showed me how meaningful and impactful helping people is. Knowing that I will be able to make a difference in someone's life is what encourages me as I pursue my BSN and makes me super excited to enter into the profession!

I'd say that I had a pretty painless transition from high school to college life, and I attribute a lot of it to the Setter's Leadership Program, through which I was able to go on a leadership retreat with other incoming freshmen in upstate NY. And although we all dreaded not having cell service, it was a great way to make friends, and I still talk to a lot of them to this day! Pace also offers week of welcome activities, involvement fairs, and a UNV 101 class that all collectively help make your transition as easy as possible.

Some of my favorite classes so far are Anatomy & Physiology and Nursing Fundamentals, which both have a lab component. In the Anatomy Lab class, I was able to dissect a cow eye, sheep heart, and a cat, which really enhanced my understanding of the material. In Nursing Fundamentals, I've learned how to insert a catheter, how to change a dressing, and how to administer medication. These hands-on experiences help boost my knowledge and confidence as I continue my education here at Pace.

Although I haven't had any clinical experiences yet, as I am only a first semester sophomore, I am excited to have my Med/Surg clinical next semester!

There are so many opportunities to be involved in clubs and extra-curriculars here at Pace. I am a part of the Setter's Leadership Program and Asian Student Union, a peer leader, tour guide, and a member of sorority and fraternity life.