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Pace Esports Continues to Change the Game

Johnni Medina
January 18, 2024
a Pace esports student wears a headset at his gaming station
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Esports is alive and well at Pace.

Since the program, formerly a student-run club, was formalized into a varsity sport at Pace it has witnessed major growth, epic victories, and a growing reputation for excellence in competitive gaming.


The program was voted the top Esports program in the nation a March Madness-styled bracket by Esports Foundry. Furthermore, program director Jesse Bodony was named 2023 Collegiate Program Director of the Year at the Esports Awards in Las Vegas in November 2023. “Being named Director of the Year is a tremendous honor,” says Bodony. “Our students are the ones who are deserving of all the credit—they make me look every day.”

A graphic featuring Jesse Bodony and the text "Program Director of the Year"

#1 Esports Program in the Nation
2023 Collegiate Program Director of the Year

Track Record

Last year, Pace Esports teams contributed to a 100–19 total overall record across the fall and spring season, with all varsity teams making playoffs across all game titles in both seasons. To date, they have won Conference Champion titles four times.

100-19 Total Record
4x Conference Champion Titles


The program has grown significantly since its beginnings. At the launch of the program, 40 students played across 8 teams, which doubled during the 2023–2023 school year to 90 students across 18 teams. During the 2023–2024 year those numbers have continued to grow to 130 students across 25 teams, with over 900 students in the entire casual and competitive community. The amount of nonbinary and female players has grown from 19% to 28% of total players in the program, highlighting the inclusive community that the program has continued to promote.

28% Nonbinary and Female Players
2 All-Women and Nonbinary Teams

More growth is expected now with the launch of Pace’s new bachelor’s degree in Game Development, which the Esports program collaborated on, this Fall 2024.

The foundation is set, numbers growing, and more eyes than ever are looking to Pace Esports to lead the way in Collegiate Esports. Assistant Director of the program Julia Cardillo ’22 says “I'm just excited to see where we go without all the noise of these new changes, and seeing what we can do now that we’re established. I’m excited to see that momentum build and to see what we can do.”

6 Titles | 25 Teams | 130 Team Members

2 Facilities | 900 Students in Entire Community

Bodony is likewise anticipating bigger and better things for the program with success driven by the Pace Community who build Pace Esports to what it is today. “The ascension of Pace Esports to national prominence has truly been a team effort,” he says. “With the support of a forward thinking administration, allies across the institution, and an impassioned gaming community the sky is the limit for our program.”

Check out Pace’s Esports site to keep up to date with everything Esports. Show your support for the teams and catch a match on their Twitch channel.

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