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Pace University Premieres For the Love of Food Documentary at Jacob Burns Film Center

May 9, 2023
Pace University students and staff at the premier of For the Love of Food documentary.

More Than 200 Turn Out For Film That Highlights the Slow Food and Farm-to-Table Movement In France and New York

Pace University’s documentary film team, PaceDocs, last night premiered its latest film, "For the Love of Food: Pour l’amour de la Cuisine" to a full theater at Jacob Burns Film Center. It was followed by and question-and-answer session with the audience and filmmakers.

The documentary -- produced by Dr. Maria Luskay, Professor Lou Guarneri, and Pace University’s documentary film team -- focuses on the slow food movement, which began in Europe during the 1980s to preserve the culture of eating locally and combating the popularization of fast food.

Pace University students and staff on stage at the premier of For the Love of Food documentary.

“It was rewarding to know that our film is being embraced and well-received by the audience at Jacob Burns Film Center,” said Professor Luskay. “In filming in France and New York, we shared a once-in-a-lifetime experience that proved to be as fulfilling as it was educational in that we learned the importance of where our food comes from as well as what it takes to complete a professional quality film on a tight deadline.”

The film made its France and worldwide online premiere on May 9, 2023.

During 14-weeks of production that included filming across France and New York, PaceDocs filmmakers spoke with farmers, chefs, and restaurateurs who have dedicated their lives to making slow food a reality in a fast-paced world.

This film explores the guiding principles of good, clean, and fair – and why that is a healthy recipe for a sustainable future. While eating farm-to-table has become a global phenomenon, nowhere is this passion for clean eating more apparent than in France where generations have relied on locally grown foods. From family-owned farms and markets in the Laon and Lorraine countryside, to beautiful restaurants in the heart of Paris, all the way back to a farm-to-fork eatery in Westchester, New York, this documentary explores the environmental and health benefits of eating clean, locally grown goods, the value of family traditions, embracing culture and heritage through cooking, and of course, the love of food.

The documentary is the focus of the popular class, “Producing the Documentary,” which is part of the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences at Pace University’s highly regarded film program that requires students complete a full-length environmentally themed documentary within one semester.

Students in the class are a mix of graduate and undergraduate with varying academic focuses, experience, and skillsets. They come together as a film crew and learn all aspects of filming and production. During the process, they learn teamwork, problem-solving, research, and organization, along with technical skills such as lighting, sound, camera work, interviewing, and other real-life lessons necessary to complete a film.

For Brittany Walkingstick, a 23-year-old graduate student from Kansas City, Mo. majoring in communications and digital media experience, the experience proved to be “one-of-a-kind.”

“It was a chance to experience a different culture and a way to step out of my comfort zone,” she said. “Making this film was as hard as it gets, but it was a real confidence booster. I really enjoyed it, and I would definitely do it again.”

Wesley Brown, a 21—year-old junior majoring in digital cinema and filmmaking from Seattle Wa., noted that it was a hands-on experience that taught him the intricacies of lighting, sound, voice-over, film production, and problem-solving.

“It was a cool experience. I loved being on the ground in France,” Brown said, citing a number of examples where the crew had to adapt to circumstances in the moment. “There were times we just had to figure it out. We learned how to improvise and had to find a solution. I’m grateful that I took this class.”

“For the Love of Food” continues a proud tradition of producing high quality, meaningful, and award-winning films. In recent years, Pace filmmakers have produced documentaries around the globe focusing on a number of topics, including the economic and environmental importance of oysters in our ecosystem (2022); the essential role of bees as pollinators in our food supply (2021); the impact of earthquakes in Hawaii (2019); the endurance of the people of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria (2018); Cuba at a cultural crossroads (2016); reviving Curacao’s coral reefs (2015); as well as many other poignant films.

“‘For the Love of Food’ is yet another extraordinary accomplishment from the PaceDocs team—a film that not only gives our students hands-on experience in the art of documentary filmmaking but also enables them to explore the values and environmental impact of the farm-to-table movement,” said Pace President Marvin Krislov. “At Pace we believe in the power of learning by doing, and year after year this course, under the leadership of Dr. Maria Luskay, provides a great example of real-world education that makes a difference in our students’ lives.”

“Dyson College’s student filmmakers are impressive: They have produced another documentary that is timely and topical,” said Tresmaine R. Grimes, dean, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education. “The students learn their art and craft with hands-on production experience that will serve them well after they graduate from Pace. I am so moved by the talents of this team and the compelling film they have produced. Congratulations to them and Professors Luskay and Guarneri for another impressive PaceDocs production.”

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