Tips for Tackling Exam Season

November 1, 2023
Pace students working in the Learning Commons.

Here are some friendly tips to help you tackle your exams with confidence. We could tell you to start by organizing your study materials and creating a study schedule to break your subjects into manageable portions, but you already know that. Here are some not-so-obvious tips to help YOU make it through exam season:

  1. Say no to all-nighters. Remember, sleep is your brain's best friend! Aim for seven to nine hours of rest each night. Your memory and focus will thank you.
  2. Keep your energy up with balanced meals. A well-nourished body is the foundation for a focused mind. Also, you should probably be drinking more water…
  3. Active learning rocks. Engage with the material actively. Try explaining it out loud or drawing diagrams. This will help you understand and remember better.
  4. Study groups for the win. Join a study group or find a study buddy. Sharing the journey with someone can provide emotional support and a fresh perspective can make a difficult concept much clearer.
  5. Seek guidance. Don't be afraid to reach out to your professors or academic advisors if you're struggling with any topic. They're there to help and guide you. If you need some very specific extra help, get connected with Pace’s Learning Commons or utilize research resources and support offered by the Pace Library.
  6. Celebrate small wins. Recognize and reward yourself for each milestone. Whether it's mastering a difficult concept or completing a chapter, treat yourself to a little self-care or a fun snack.
  7. Reset your brain. Take short breaks to practice mindfulness or meditation. It's like a reset button for your brain, and it can help reduce stress.
  8. Take advantage of the resources available to you as a Pace student. There are a ton of offices, resources, and people at Pace here to help you maintain your wellbeing, even during stressful times. Check out all of our Wellness resources and don’t be shy about reaching out.

You're not alone in this—countless students have faced finals and emerged victorious. With your determination and these tips, there's no challenge too big. Go rock those exams!

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