The Veteran Educator

May 26, 2021
Sukh Singh

Sukh Singh ’21 brings an incredible amount of perspective to his chosen profession of teaching. He came to the US from India when he was a child. “The first time I saw snow was when I was six years old,” he told us. That journey would eventually lead him to Pace, where he knew early on that he would be attending the Pleasantville Campus. “I wanted to teach in New York, [and] Pace offered great opportunities for success.”

From there, it seemed only natural that he would gravitate toward the English and adolescent education major. As an English language learner (ELL) himself, Singh told us he was “inspired by almost all my English teachers I’ve ever had. I want to provide students with skills for leadership and advocacy with the use of the proper effective language. I think this can empower them to make a change for their betterment.”

Singh may spend a lot of time in the classroom prepping to one day graduate, but he’s anything but stuck within four walls. He has a strong background in customer service across a variety of industries, and he’s also a Marine Corps veteran—both of which have aided in his personal and professional life. “I think my diverse background in a multitude of areas gives me an edge as a future educator,” Singh said. “The countless leadership [skills] I have been trained for in the military set me apart and allow my discipline to effectively influence my students to become leaders themselves.”

He’s been head counselor at the YMCA, worked as a customer service associate for Investors Bank, and participated in student teaching opportunities through the School of Education. For all his many talents, Singh makes time to lend his skills—and passion—to the Student Veterans Association as its vice president. He volunteers his time in order to help other military service members at Pace who follow in his footsteps. “My motivation comes from my own identity as a Marine Veteran,” Singh explained. “I am passionate about supporting my military service members. This will [also] help me as a professional because I will be trained to support, serve, and advocate for those who need it.”

Not only that, but he’s also an active member of Alpha Phi Delta, whose philanthropic efforts lend much-needed support for veterans experiencing homelessness through the Operation Home Front. “I think I am a natural leader and my core ideals of serving people will help me become an educator who stresses advocacy and service,” Singh said. “I’ve had a few inspiring English teachers who left a lasting impression on me and other peers.”

He left us with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, one that he has lived by: “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Singh is most certainly effecting change wherever he goes, and we know he will make an incredible future educator.