The Vice President

March 24, 2021

Ever since Gabriela Wojcik ’21 transferred to Pace in her junior year, she’s seized every opportunity of interest to her on the NYC Campus. From Welcome Center tour guide to Tau Sigma National Honor Society vice president to her internship at a talent agency to her supervisor job in the Six Flags entertainment department, Wojcik sees her Communication Studies major and Arts and Entertainment Management minor as the perfect marriage of all her experiences. “I would love to work in the creative field [in] any capacity. Having as much knowledge as possible and as many opportunities and options as possible [...] once I graduate has always been incredibly important to me,” she told us.

That’s part of what drew her to Pace. “Looking back [on] the entire situation now, I learned an insane amount of important life lessons by making the decision to attend my previous school,” Wojcik explained.

It was during an internship in her sophomore year that she started considering a transfer to Pace, especially since a few of her fellow interns were also current students. “Right off the bat, I loved the fact that Pace’s [NYC Campus] consisted of one main building and a few surrounding ones in the area,” she told us, noting that the prime location in the heart of the Financial District also helped. So she applied, got in, and the rest is history. “I couldn’t stop smiling and was constantly being told that I was ‘glowing.’ It was at that point that I realized I had finally made the right decision for myself and my future,” Wojcik said.

She got involved the moment she moved on-campus, but then, that wasn’t unusual for her. Wojcik has worked in several different capacities: food service, performance, management, human resources—you name it, she’s probably had that job. “I am somebody who wants to try and do everything all at once,” she enthused. “I rarely ever say no to an opportunity [...] because I truly believe that life experience and knowledge are irreplaceable.”

As the vice president of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society, Wojcik is a representative for other transfer students who come to Pace looking for a new venture. “I would say that the most rewarding part about being a member of Tau Sigma is not only being able to feel included in the Pace Community, but also being able to help new members feel included and welcome as well,” she explained. To be clear, it wasn’t always easy for Wojcik. She acknowledged that, “It can sometimes be frustrating and difficult to find your place in a new school as a transfer student,” but joining Tau Sigma provided opportunities to meet others “who have been in your shoes and can guide you through life as a transfer student at Pace.”

Wojcik is also a first-generation American who grew up in an entirely Polish family, something that is incredibly important to her. “My first language was actually Polish and I speak it fluently,” she told us. “I wouldn’t trade my background and heritage for the world. It is a huge part of who I am today.”

Currently, she is considering quite the list of potential careers: film, talent management and casting, fitness, or even social media. “If I am being 100% honest, no matter how much it may seem like I have everything figured out, I do not have an ideal career in mind,” Wojcik said. Her advice to fellow students, though, and particularly other transfer students, is to “try everything and see what suits you, brings you joy, and lights your soul on fire.” Those are some wise words.

Join us for National Transfer Student Appreciation week as we celebrate incredible transfer students like Wojcik who are continuously pushing the envelope and helping to guide others, too. We’re so excited to see what career she lands in. They’re sure to appreciate her skills and experience, not to mention enthusiasm!