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Winter 2024: Leadership Letter

January 18, 2024
marvin krislov and rob sands

Welcome to the latest issue of Pace Magazine.

At Pace University, we are embracing innovation and adapting to the evolving needs of our community. As we navigate through this dynamic era, our commitment to providing immersive and challenging learning experiences remains steadfast. This issue is a testament to that commitment, showcasing stories of resilience, innovation, and ambition.

In this issue, you can find an exploration of the spectrum of experiential learning opportunities students can find at Pace—whether that’s in the field of water safety, business, dance, or social justice, our students are applying their learning beyond the classroom. Additionally, you'll be introduced to the inspiring work of professors Tim Myers, PhD, and Kimberly Stephens, PhD, and their new epilepsy lab in Pleasantville, where they blend personal experience with cutting-edge science. We also invite you to step into the historic Pace Study at 41 Park Row, a space that embodies the rich legacy and continued evolution of our university.

We are also pleased to showcase Seidenberg’s new BS in Game Development and a state-of-the-art Cyber Range expanding the depth of cyber education and preparing the next generation of cybersecurity experts. We highlight Pace’s burgeoning esports team, two First-Team All-American players on our field hockey team, and the unveiling of the Northwell Stadium, all of which mark exciting developments in Pace Athletics. We also focus our attention on the First Generation Program and the students it supports, a professor developing therapeutic board games for kids, and a $1.48 million grant from New York State to help reduce Pace’s carbon emissions.

As always, this edition of Pace Magazine is a celebration of our community's innovative spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence. Thank you for being a part of it.

With Pace pride,

Marvin Krislov

Rob Sands, JD ’84
Chair, Board of Trustees

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Experiential learning isn't just a trend in higher education; it's the heartbeat of the Pace experience. From donning hip-waders to assess water quality, documenting first-hand narratives of a groundbreaking era in human history, immersing in a transformative semester in LA, to initiating and overseeing on-campus businesses from inception—Pace students don't just learn, they do.

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Nestled in a corner of the 16th floor of the iconic 41 Park Row, a building steeped in history, the Pace Study is a hidden gem. Within its walls, the Study served as the workspace for Robert S. Pace, the second president of Pace University and son of co-founder Homer Pace. Nowadays, it's a haven for small, but significant University meetings.

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When his wife Kimmi Stephens suddenly had a seizure, Tim Myers, a scientist studying epilepsy, felt his field of study abruptly collide with reality. This shocking moment sent the pair of Pace professors on a winding journey of recovery, resilience, and research, and ultimately to the creation of a new lab on the Pleasantville Campus.