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Award Negotiation / Award Set up Process

If you are notified that you will be receiving an award or that a funder intends to make an award, congratulations! Please let the Office of Research know as soon as possible to share the good news, and so that we can facilitate the next steps in the process.

  • If the funding agency requests any changes or revisions to the budget, please provide OR with the updated budget. We are happy to assist with this revision process.
  • Once your grant is awarded, you should complete an External Funding Account Approval Form (DOCX) and email to the Office of Research along with the final budget, full proposal, and award letter.
  • The Office of Research will forward all of these materials to the Director of Grant Financial Compliance and Reporting, and the post-award stage officially begins.

Grant contracts

In some cases, contracts are required by the funder. If you (as PI) receive a contract from a funder, please forward to the Office of Research. When we receive a contract (sent directly to us from the funder or forwarded from the PI), our office can coordinate the appropriate review. Typically this involves sending the contract to the appropriate College/School budget representative to enter into the Contract Management System; this initiates the relevant financial, legal, and/or risk management review of the contract.

If your grant involves consultants, materials transfer agreements, or sub-awards
Please contact the Office of Research and we can help coordinate the routing of the documents for appropriate review, approval and/or execution.