Cathryn Lavery

Cathryn Lavery

Bi-campus Department Chairperson
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Criminal Justice NY


Personal Quote

Dr. Lavery is a member of several organizations including: ACJS, ASC, The IAFC (Board Affiliate member), SPJOA, and APPA. Dr. Lavery consults on issues of Title IX, gender discrimination, cultural sensitivity, & trauma.

Faculty Bio

Dr. Lavery attended Iona College and was the first woman to graduate their MS degree program in Criminal Justice. She received her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the Graduate Center/CUNY.

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Her research projects include officer wellness and resiliency, intimate partner violence, sex crimes and trauma, pedagogy in criminal justice, humane criminology, social media and violent crime, and human trafficking.

Courses Taught

Past Courses

CRJ 121: Government Administration
CRJ 150: Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJ 242: Crime and Public Policy
CRJ 297: Topic: Social & Political Risk
CRJ 313: Victims of Crime
CRJ 342: Criminal Profiling
CRJ 391: Intrnshp in Criminal Justice I
CRJ 600: Online Student Seminar
CRJ 622: International Human Rights
CRJ 625: Multi-Disciplinary Approaches
CRJ 626: Special Topics in Homeland Sec
CRJ 628: Research Colloquium & Cap
UNV 101: First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty