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Gina Scutelnicu-Todoran

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Gina Scutelnicu-Todoran

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Faculty Bio

Gina Scutelnicu Todoran is a Professor of Public Administration at Pace University who teaches core and Government Management track classes in the Masters' of Public Administration Program.

Awards and Honors

  • NY Metropolitan Chapter, American Society for Public Administration, 2023, Outstanding Academic/Researcher Award
  • Westchester Children Association, 2022, Honoree for Commitment and Support to the Digital Access Initiative
  • American Society for Public Administration, 2022, Donald C. Stone Service to ASPA Award for exceptional and sustained contribu-tions to the society
  • Center for Community Action and Research at Pace University, 2022, Jefferson Award for Public Service


PhD, Florida International University, Miami, FL, 2010
Public Affairs

MA, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2001
Management of Public Services

BA, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2000
Public Administration

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Gender Equity, Social Equity and Policy, State and Local Government Decision-Making and Collaboration, Community and Economic Development.

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Community Needs Assessment of Bronxville, Tuckahoe and Eastchester, NY
Tekula, R. & Scutelnicu, G. November 2022. The Community Fund of Bronxville, Tuckahoe and Eastchester & The Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Other. Funded.

Westchester County Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Study
Tekula, R. & Scutelnicu, G. February 2022. Nonprofit Westchester, Other. Funded.

Westchester County Opioid Response and Overdose Prevention Initiative.
Tekula, R. & Scutelnicu, G. July 2023 - December 2024. Partnership to End Addiction and the Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health, NY, Local. Funded. This study evaluates the effectiveness of a pilot curriculum program about Co-Occurring Disorders (COD). The proposed COD curriculum is being pilot-tested in selected school districts in Westchester County. A survey instrument will be administered before and after three class sessions that will be delivered to high-school-aged teenagers, their adult supports, and school staff. Results from the surveys will help inform the development of a research-based COD curriculum to be implemented throughout the county, state and nationally.

Council of Family and Childcare Agencies Financial Health Status
Scutelnicu-Todoran, G. & Tekula, R. February 2024 - September 2024. Council of Family and Child Care Agencies, NY, Other. Funded. Dr. Gina Scutelnicu-Todoran, Professor of Public Administration and Dr. Rebecca Tekula, Professor of Public Administration and Executive Director of the Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship were awarded an external grant award of nearly $30,000 by the Council of Family and Child Care Agencies (COFCCA), a nonprofit organization in New York City to assess the financial status of approximately 75 agencies under its umbrella. These agencies include those providing child welfare services –foster care, preventive services, and juvenile justice services. Dr. Scutelnicu-Todoran and Dr. Tekula will be working in collaboration with two graduate students to conduct a financial analysis of cumulative organizational revenue and expenditure, endowment, and other investments among other things. The researchers at Pace will prepare a final report and will deliver several presentations to executive and legislative leadership and staff at the New York state and New York City level.

Courses Taught

Past Courses

PAA 502: Stat/Quant Mthds-Decisn Making
PAA 602: Organization Theory & Mgmt
PAA 603: Eco of Govt, Health, Nonprofit
PAA 605: Ethics and Leadership
PAA 606: Research Design for Admins.
PAA 606: Research Methods for PAA
PAA 630: Intergovernmental Relations
PAA 641: Municipal Management
PAA 695: Intrnshp-HlthCre,Gvrnmnt,NnPrf
PAA 695: Intrnshp:NnPrf,Gvrnmnt,HlthCre
PAA 699: Capstone Project Seminar

Publications and Presentations


Managing Gender Inequity in Academia: A Guide for Faculty and Administrators in Public Affairs Programs.
Scutelnicu, G. (2024). Managing Gender Inequity in Academia: A Guide for Faculty and Administrators in Public Affairs Programs..William Hatcher and Bruce McDonald III (Eds.), London, UK & New York, NY , USA : Routledge: Taylor & Francis. , pages 146.

How effective is the tax treatment of public authorities? Examining the tax exemption case of industrial development agencies in New York State.
Scutelnicu, G. & Crosby, A. (2023). International Journal of Public Administration.

The contribution of formal and informal mentorship to faculty productivity: Views of faculty in public affairs programs
Scutelnicu, G. (2023). Journal of Public Affairs Education.

The money behind the curtain: Measuring the financial condition of special district governments in Illinois.
Crosby, A., Scutelnicu, G. & Polskaya, P. (2023). Public Administration Quarterly. Vol 47 (Issue 2) , pages 132-153.

A qualitative study of pandemic-induced telework: Federal workers thrive, working parents struggle.
Mullins, L., Scutelnicu , G. & Charbonneau, E. (2022). Public Administration Quarterly. Vol 46 (Issue 3) , pages 258-281.

Digital access survey: Perceptions of parents in the K-12 schools of Westchester County, New York
Moraitis, S. & Scutelnicu Todoran, G. (2022).

Plastic bag legislation in the United States: Influential factors on policy creation
Bell, L. & Scutelnicu, G. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. Vol 12 (Issue 2) , pages 260 - 271.

Is participatory budgeting a tool for social equity and justice? Evidence from New York City.
Kuenneke, A. & Scutelnicu, G. (2021). Public Administration Quarterly. Vol 45 (Issue 4) , pages 370-391.

Book Review: Victoria Gordon and Beth Rauhaus. 2020. Maternity leave: Policy and practice, 2nd ed.
Scutelnicu, G. (2021).

The slippery slope: Struggling for equity in the academy in the era of #MeToo
Knepper, H., Scutelnicu, G. & Tekula, R. (2020). Public Administration Review. Vol 80 (Issue 6) , pages 1111-1117.

Why Gender and Research Productivity Matters in Academia: Exploring Evidence from NASPAA-accredited Schools
Knepper, H., Scutelnicu, G. & Tekula, R. (2020). Journal of Public Affairs Education. Vol 26 (Issue 1) , pages 51-72.

Consistency is key in online learning: Evaluating student and instructor perceptions of a collaborative online-course template.
Scutelnicu, G., Tekula, R., Gordon, B. & Knepper, H. (2019). Teaching Public Administration. Vol 73 (Issue 3) , pages 274-292.


Perceptions of gender equity in the academy: Explaining the research productivity gap in public administration scholarship
Scutelnicu, G. & Tekula, R. (2022). American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) National Conference. American Society for Public Administration (ASPA),

Professional Contributions and Service

Professional Memberships

  • Section for Women in Public Administration [Board member]
  • American Society for Public Administration
  • Conference of Minority Public Administrators [Parliamentarian]

Professional Service

Public Integrity [Editor, Associate Editor]
Public Administration Quarterly [Editorial Review Board Member]
Public Integrity [Editorial Review Board Member]
Northeastern Conference of Public Administration [Officer, President/Elect/Past]

Section on Professional and Organizational Development [Officer, President/Elect/Past]
Section on Women in Public Administration [Officer, Other Officer]
NY Metropolitan ASPA Chapter [Officer, President/Elect/Past]
Conference of Minority Public Administrators [Officer, Other Officer]

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Ethics codes are being revised in the Town of Deerpark and Village of Warwick, and both municipalities will soon appoint ethics committee members. Gina Scutelnicu Todoran, Professor of Public Administration at Pace University, was asked how the appointment of ethics board members by municipal council members or trustees, as is the protocol, could result in effective oversight. How can the officials who are to be monitored choose their monitors? Todoran explained what are considered best practices.