Lanie Presswood

Lanie Presswood

Temp Faculty Professor
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Communication and Media Studies


Faculty Bio

Dr. Presswood earned her PhD in rhetoric and public culture from Ohio University in 2017. She has taught communication studies and public address to students across Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York. Before coming to Pace, Dr. Presswood served a two-year term as an ACLS Public Fellow, working at the intersection of journalism and higher education to bring attention to the public humanities. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her small dog, Ruby.

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Dr. Presswood's research interests combine post/feminism, digital rhetoric, and popular culture. She published her first book, Food Blogs, Postfeminism, and the Communication of Expertise: Digital Domestics, in 2019. In it, she examined how and why women use food blogs to build successful digital brands in the arena of domestic food preparation, purchase, and consumption. Contemporary understandings of domesticity and femininity are inextricably tied to the digital realm because of the capabilities of networked digital platforms; social media both enable and constrain women as public communicators in ways that were historically not possible. The work done by bloggers to maintain individual brands, engage reader communities, and leverage social trends has altered the public perception of housework and pushed for stronger links between domesticity and feminism

Courses Taught

Past Courses

CMS 111: Introduction to Communication
CMS 203: Persuasive Speaking
CMS 214: Interpersonal Communication
CMS 239: Milestones in Commun Rsrch
CMS 280: Introduction to Journalism
COM 200: Public Speaking
COM 396: Commnctn in the Digital Age
COS 111: Introduction to Communication
COS 310: Communication & Media Analytic