Li-Chiou Chen

Li-Chiou Chen

Seidenberg School of CSIS
Information Technology

Li-Chiou Chen

Goldstein Academic Center
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15 Beekman
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Faculty Bio

Dr. Li-Chiou Chen is a professor at the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, Pace University. She has a Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and was affiliated with the Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems. While at CMU, she built a computational simulation tool to investigate policy decisions in countering distributed denial-of-service attacks. In addition, she participated in a DARPA-funded research project, BioWar, where she analyzed policy decisions to respond against the spread of biological agents using multi-agent based simulation. Her current research has been focused on user authentication, application security, security risk perception and management, and security policy enforcement. She has published papers in top academic journals, including Computer & Security, Decision Support Systems and IEEE Transactions. Li-Chiou has developed a set of teaching materials called SWEET (Secure WEb dEvelopment Teaching) for the design, analysis and implementation of secure web application development. She is also the principal investigator of the CyberCorps program at Pace University, supported by the National Science Foundation, as well as the GenCyber programs, supported by the National Security Agency.

Awards and Honors

  • Pace University, 2022, Homer and Charles Pace Faculty Award
  • Pace University, 2010, Pace Sponsored Research Release-Time Award
  • Pace University, 2009, Pace Scholarly Research Award
  • Pace University, 2008, Pace Scholarly Research Award
  • Pace University, 2006, Pace Seidenberg School Summer Research Grant
  • Pace University, 2005, Pace Sponsored Research Release-Time Award


PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, Engineering and Public Policy, Pittsburgh, PA, US, 2003
Engineering and Public Policy

MS, Carnegie Mellon University, Engineering and Public Policy, Pittsburgh, PA, US, 2000
Engineering and Public Policy

MBA, National Chengchi University, Management Information Systems, Taipei, TA, Taiwan, 1994
Management Information Systems

BBA, National Chengchi University, Management Information Systems, Taipei, TA, Taiwan, 1992
Management Information Systems

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

User authentication, application security, security risk perception and management, and computer security policy enforcement.

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Strengthening Pace’s Cyber Community and Pathways using Research Experience, Technical Training and Institutional Outreach
Chen, L., Benjamin, D., Hayes, D., Ryan, J. & Cotoranu, A. August 2021 - August 2026. National Science Foundation, Federal. Funded.

GenCyber Capacity Building Activity Award
Mosley, P. H. & Chen, L. August 2022 - December 2024. NSF, Federal. Funded.

GenCyber Summer Camp in Cybersecurity for High School Students
Mosley, P. & Chen, L. August 2022 - August 2024. NSF/NSA, Federal. Funded.

2022 Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program
Cotoranu, A. & Chen, L. September 2022 - November 2023. National Security Agency, Federal. Funded.

GenCyber Capacity Grant
Mosley, P., Chen, L. & Eisenberg, J. May 2022 - December 2022. National Security Agency (NSA), Federal. Funded. An interdisciplinary grant from the NSA to fund an educational program for high school students (collaboration between Seidenberg and Lubin)

2021 Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program
Chen, L. & Cotoranu, A. August 2021 - November 2022. National Security Agency, Federal. Funded.

CAE-C K-12 Pipeline Development Initiative: RING
Chen, L., Cotoranu, A. & Mosley, P. October 2020 - September 2022. Department of Defense (subcintract via University of Alabama - Huntsville ), Federal. Funded.

DoD Cybersecurity Scholarship Program: Scholarship
Chen, L. & Cotoranu, A. September 2020 - December 2021. Department of Defense, Federal. Funded.

Courses Taught

Past Courses

CIS 101: Computers and Security
CIT 251: Computer Security Overview
CIT 352: Network and Internet Security
CIT 354: Computer Forensics
CIT 471: Information Tchnlgy Internship
CIT 481: Cpstn in Infrmtn Tchnlgy
CIT 490: Independent Study in Infor Tec
CS 704: Independent Research
CS 804: Independent Research
CS 806: Dissertation Preparation
CYB 623: Network Security & Defense
CYB 631: Atmtng Info Scrty Pythn & Shll
CYB 691: Cybersecurity Capstone Project
DCS 860: Topics in Data Security
DCS 891: Research Seminar I
DCS 891: Research Seminar VI
DCS 990: Dissertation for DPS in Cmptng
DCS 991: Dssrttn for DPS in Cmptg II
IS 495: Information Systems Internship
IS 632: Business Telecommunications
IS 641: Information Security/Controls
IS 650: Telecommunications Management
IT 300: Computer Security Overview
IT 304: Network & Internet Security
IT 600: Overrview:Computer Network/IT
IT 600: Overview:Computer Network/IT
IT 600: Ovrvw -Cmptr Network / IT Tech
IT 603: Overview of Infrmtn Security
IT 666: Information Security Managemnt
IT 691: IT for E-Commerce Project I
MM 803: Maintain Matriculation-CS PhD

Publications and Presentations


Advanced Persistent Threats as Case Studies for Cybersecurity Education
Chen, L. & Acampora, J. (2023).

Perceived security of BYOD devices in medical institutions
Alexsandrou, A. & Chen, L. (2022). International Journal of Medical Informatics. Vol 168

An Integrated System for Connecting Cybersecurity Competency, Student Activities and Career Building
Chen, L., Cotoranu, A., Mandhare, P. & Hayes, D. (2022). , pages 3--12.

“Analyzing Students' Problem-Solving Abilities in a Virtual Network on the Cloud.” Proceedings of the 52nd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
Tolve, J. & Chen, L. (2021).

A Dictionary-based Method for Detecting Machine-Generated Domains
Wang, T., Chen, L. & Genc, Y. (2020). Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective.

Carp: A Cost-Aware Relaxed Protocol for Encrypted Data Stores
Chen, L., Chen, L. & Nassar, N. (2020). Journal of Information Security and Applications. Vol 53

Understanding Nigerian e-mail scams: a content analysis approach
Genc, Y., Kour, H., Arslan, H. T. & Chen, L. (2020). Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective.

Applying Text Analytics to Examination of End Users' Mental Models of Cybersecurity
Cotoranu, A. & Chen, L. (2020). (Issue AMCIS 2020 Proceedings)

Individual Risk Perception and Choice using Cryptocurrency for Transactions
Chen, L. & Farkas, D. (2019).

Professional Contributions and Service

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Information Management (AIM) [Member]
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) [Member]
  • Association for Information Systems (AIS) [Member]
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) [Member]

University Service

  • University Information Security Advisory Committee

Professional Service

American Conference on Information Systems, 2009 & 2010 ,Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education, 2010 & 2011 [Session Chair]
Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education 2006-2013 ,American Conference on Information Systems 2004, 2008-2013 ,Workshop on Link Analysis, Counter Terrorism and Security 2005 ,The Second Symposium on Intelligence and Security Informatics , 2004 [Conference-Related]
IEEE Services Workshop on Security and Privacy Engineering, 2012 & 2013 -,7th Annual Midwest Association of Information Systems Conference, May, 2012 , Workshop on Link Analysis, Counter Terrorism and Security 2005 [Program committee]
Management Science ,IEEE Security and Privacy ,IEEE Transactions on Systems : Man and Cybernetics ,Decision Support Systems ,European Journal of Operational Research ,Journal of Electronic Commerce Research ,Communications of ACM [Reviewer, Journal Article]
SUNY Rockland Community College [Information Assurance Curriculum Advisory Board]

Public Service

  • Westchester County Cybersecurity Task Force [Committee Member]