Mary Long

Mary Long

Lubin School of Business
Marketing NY
One Pace Plaza



Dr. Mary Long is Professor of Marketing with research interests in consumer behavior and services marketing. She joined the Lubin School of Business in 2000 and chaired the Marketing Department from 2012-2018. Dr. Long’s teaching interests include Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, CRM, and Services Marketing. She periodically leads International Field Study courses in Marketing to destinations such as Japan, Vietnam, and Scandinavia.

Dr. Long has served as an ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of Business Research and more recently the 2018 Summer AMA Conference.

In 2015, Dr. Long presented her research on clothing swaps at the Atlantic Marketing Association Conference in Savannah, GA and more recently in 2016, she presented several papers at the EIRASS (European Institute of Retailing and Services Studies) conference in Edinburgh, Scotland including “Restaurant Ratings -- Who Do You Trust: Yelp or the Government?”.


PhD, CUNY - Baruch, New York, NY

Publications and Presentations


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