Mohsen Shiri-Garakani

Mohsen Shiri-Garakani

Associate Professor
Assistant Chair
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Chemistry/Physical Sciences PLV

Mohsen Shiri-Garakani

Costello House
Dyson Hall


Faculty Bio

Dr. Garakani is a theoretical physicist who works on developing a unified quantum theory for gravity and spacetime. His approach is based on Segal's idea of algebraic simplicity (specifically, focusing on semi-simple Lie algebras and Clifford algebras) which was further applied to spacetime structures by David Finkelstein. Dr. Garakani also studies issues in history and philosophy of contemporary physics, concentrating on foundation of quantum theory.

Awards and Honors

  • Pace Univeristy, Provost's Office, 2013, Faculty Fellow
  • Center for Philosophy and Natural Sciences, 2008, Research Fellow
  • Springer, International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 2002, Assistant Editor, International Journal of Theoretical Physics


BS, Tehran Polytechnic

MS, University of Akron

PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Quantum Spacetime, Unified Gravity, Foundations of Quantum Theory, Quantum Logic, History and Philosophy of Physics, Applications of Physics in Complex System Theory.

Courses Taught

Past Courses

HON 499: Snr Smnr in Rsrch Mthds
PHY 101: College Phys 1 - Recitation
PHY 101: College Physics I
PHY 102: College Physics II
PHY 111: General Physics I
PHY 111: General Physics I (Lab)
PHY 111: General Physics I (Lecture)
PHY 111: General Physics I Recitation
PHY 112: General Physics II
PHY 112: General Physics II (Lab)
PHY 112: General Physics II (Lecture)
PHY 112: General Physics II Recitation
PHY 231: Electromagnetism I
PHY 232: Electromagnetism II
PHY 235: Mechanics
PHY 296: Topic: Physics-Modern Physics
PHY 296: Tpc: Intro to Spc Relativity
PHY 296: Tpc: Mathematical Physics
PHY 311: Optics
PHY 335: Quantum Mechanics
PHY 352: Thermal Physics
PHY 390: Physics Seminar I
PHY 395: Independent Study in Physics
PHY 480: Research in Physics
SCI 101: The Planet Earth
SCI 105: Physics of Sound & Music
SCI 120: Histry & Philosophy of Science
SCI 150: Astronomy
SCI 296: Topics: The Physics of Music