Students walking in front of the Kessel Student Center on the Westchester campus.

Requesting Accounts

Requesting Linux Server Accounts

We offer Linux shell accounts for students taking Linux-oriented classes (shell and C programming, web development). Unless otherwise requested, we will only create shell accounts — please explicitly request extra things like Tomcat, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

Please make sure to request accounts for the upcoming semester at least one month before classes begin. Most account requests are easy to fill, however sometimes special software is required for each class.

Please email the following address to request your linux account:

Requesting Windows VMs

We also offer Windows VMs for courses that require specialized software that may have a complex setup process (IBM software, forensics software, MS SQL server, etc). When requesting VMs, please be sure to specify if it is a “server” or “local” VM. Server VMs are accessed via “Connecting to View Desktops” via the link below, and local VMs are accessed via local hard drives on lab computers.

  • Server VMs: Please email with your request. Here are our instructions for connecting to View desktops: Connecting to View Desktops
    Note, it will take at least a month in advance of the semester to complete the request. VMs are provisioned for the duration of the semester and will be disabled and deleted afterward.
  • Local VMs: Please fill out a helpdesk ticket with the room number and specific details of your request.
    Note, local VMs are to be built and configured by faculty to be deployed to each classroom computer, except for the "Forensics VM".

Here are some things we’d like to know when creating a server VM:

  • Software needed (Office, java, forensics tools, etc).
  • Who will be using the VMs, we need a list of student emails. This means if there is an add or drop during and leading up to the semester, you will have to let us know.
  • Any special timeframe requirements as some classes span multiple semesters.