Entrance to One Pace Plaza

A Further Call to Action

College is a time of transition and transformation. Our students are finding their way in the world, and embarking on a period of discovery and growth. Our ability to effectively meet them where they are and enable them to imagine their futures and advance their lives is a hallmark of Opportunitas.

Similarly, this plan was developed at a time of institutional transition and transformation for Pace. Over the next five years, we will see profound changes in student demographics, and in our campuses and leadership against a backdrop of dynamic change in the higher education landscape. This plan must both sustain Pace’s mission through these transitions and allow us the flexibility to adapt to new leadership in an evolving environment. The 2015–2020 Strategic Plan, Opportunitas: Embracing the Future, prioritizes improvements in our core operations while leveraging the opportunities made possible by the major investments of the past five years. Our new facilities will allow the University to operate in a student-focused learning and research environment that combines the traditional classroom with an increased focus on experiential learning. We will create growth by focusing intensively on improving the student experience and increasing the real value of a Pace degree. We will nurture the development of new programs on both campuses, building on the strengths of our faculty and providing them the resources and flexibility to succeed.

By 2020, the University will have made significant strides in completing several major initiatives currently underway and will have developed innovative approaches to ensuring the success of our students and alumni, while improving the University’s reputation and stature. By focusing on four themes—Student Experience, Student and Alumni Outcomes, Institutional Vitality, and a Community of Excellence—we will emerge a stronger institution with a unique and essential mission well suited to meeting the needs of students today and in the future.