Entrance to One Pace Plaza

A Community Dedicated to Excellence

At the heart of the University’s greatness is its people. We will excel at attracting, nurturing, training, and rewarding faculty, staff, and administrators who are dedicated to creating knowledge and meaningful experiences for our students. We will strengthen the Pace Community through leadership and development. We embrace a culture of quality improvement and shared values to ensure an informed, responsive, caring, inclusive, and effective community. We will model the values we instill in our students. 

Strategic Priorities

  • Motivate and empower faculty, administrators, and staff to be connected to Pace’s core mission and ensure that their contributions to the University are relevant and valued.
  • Recruit and retain faculty committed to excellence in teaching and research. Develop a recruiting and retention program to better align the diversity of our full-time faculty with the available pool of applicants and our student population.
  • Build effective faculty development programs to enhance the quality of teaching. Enhance the grant and research infrastructure to support faculty and students in innovative applied research.
  • Create a consistent, structured approach to welcome part-time faculty deeper into the life of the University.
  • Encourage innovation and creativity among administrators and staff with a system of productive feedback, rewards, and incentives emphasizing high performance and continuous improvement.
  • Increase transparency in departmental and leadership evaluations and rewards to promote accountability, ownership, and teamwork. Continue to develop programs to encourage career growth within the institution.
  • Embody an ethos of inclusivity and equity among faculty, administration, and staff. Create an environment that celebrates the diverse views, experiences, and identities each person brings to the Pace Community. Strengthen our sense of shared values and commitment to each other and our students.
  • Create a shared culture of innovation that drives continual process improvement across non-academic departments.
  • Continually assess and improve the quality of service across all administrative departments. Develop and implement professional service standards.