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Persistent Emphasis on Student Outcomes

We are committed to helping students attain their degrees and achieve their post-graduation goals. Our high-quality, rigorous academic programs are complemented by advising and student support services that enable Pace graduates and alumni to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals.

Strategic Priorities

  • Engage faculty and staff in working together with students to address today’s important issues and provide students with critical problem-solving skills.
  • Continuously improve our comprehensive Career Services program to ensure it meets the needs of all students and is responsive to the needs of local, national, and international employers and graduate schools.
  • Implement a periodic review process to ensure that academic programs meet the evolving needs of their discipline. The process will include an evaluation of program curriculum, discipline-specific innovations, current teaching and learning methodologies, and student and alumni outcomes.
  • Develop a process to incorporate technical fluency and information literacy into the disciplines, ensuring that every student has significant exposure to discipline-specific technology and is prepared to effectively use that technology upon graduation.
  • Maintain and increase the academic rigor of all programs to ensure that the Pace degree has currency in the world and is positioning students for success in every discipline. Create new interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programs designed to meet contemporary challenges. These programs will integrate learning across academic and non-academic departments, schools, and campuses.
  • Build student support structures to ensure continual academic progress. Remove non-academic barriers to academic progression and help our students overcome challenges. We will improve the quality, consistency, and availability of advising across the University.
  • Use data to evaluate and improve student success programs and policies.
  • Continue to develop innovative graduate programs which will meet demand for deep knowledge and experience in a range of disciplines.
  • Expand adult and continuing professional offerings with unique programs targeted to the skills most in demand by employers and students.
  • Measure and track alumni outcomes at regular intervals post-graduation to create deeper connections to the University and to serve the needs of alumni throughout their professional lives.
  • Recognizing the important role of parents and families in students’ successes, increase parent and family involvement in the students’ University experiences.