Entrance to One Pace Plaza

A Vital Institution

Institutional vitality encompasses our business processes, our environment, and our reputation. Our built environment is undergoing substantial evolution and we will continue to assess our physical and virtual environments to meet the evolving needs of our students. Sustainable and agile financial and enrollment models are essential to enabling us to realize our goals. Pace University can no longer be a “hidden gem;” we must grow our reputation nationally and internationally by leveraging strengths that resonate with key audiences. We value a campus culture that promotes environmental stewardship and will continue to strengthen operational effectiveness and preserve and protect our environmental sustainability.

Strategic Priorities

  • In the development of physical space, seek flexible, adaptable designs that meet the current and future needs of our students, academic programs, and staff. Create spaces that facilitate cross-discipline and cross-functional collaboration, and extend the learning environment beyond the classroom.
  • Meet the academic, student life, and enrollment goals of the Pleasantville Project. Evaluate and prioritize future phases of the Pleasantville Master Plan based on the outcomes of Phase 1A.
  • Complete and start to implement the New York City Master Plan that reflects the aspirational character of our student body and that will serve students, faculty, and staff in an evolving educational landscape.
  • Leverage the technology infrastructure to improve efficiency, usability, and effectiveness in academic and administrative processes. Continue to seek flexible technology solutions that optimize our existing infrastructure and take advantage of emerging technology opportunities. Build an academic technology infrastructure that meets users’ needs and provides avenues for experimentation and innovation.
  • Ensure financial sustainability and flexibility by diversifying revenue streams to reduce reliance on tuition, housing, and fees by increasing fundraising and research funding, and developing non-credit and special programs that meet the demand for unique learning opportunities.
  • Implement an ongoing evaluation of the financial health of each school/college and each campus within the context of Pace’s mission. Define actionable results of such evaluations.
  • Carry out the planned comprehensive fundraising campaign, the third and most ambitious in Pace’s history, bringing a new generation of donors to the University.
  • Continue to implement a sustainable enrollment plan that is responsive to market conditions and enables Pace to meet its revenue goals while adhering to its mission of Opportunitas.
  • Increase Pace’s visibility and reputation by continuously and effectively telling the Pace story of Opportunitas. Grow our reputation and the reputation of our faculty and their work throughout academia. Strengthen ties to employers and increase connectivity and engagement in communities where we have deep roots.