Inspire Others to Aspire.

Pace University’s success depends on its continuing ability to attract the finest students and faculty, and its future is enhanced by graduating top-notch alumni who increase the visibility and reputation of the university. The value of your degree grows as the name "Pace University" expands into the local, national, and international communities, spreading our core values of opportunity, personal motivation, and civic engagement. More and more, Pace  University is known for practical results. Alumni, students and faculty who help recruit pro-active high school students and inspire them to achieve at Pace University complete the circle of success, and that’s a win-win for the entire Pace community.

You are Pace University's greatest resource. You can tell the Pace story better than anyone else because you are the Pace experience.

ASPIRE is an acronym for Alumni, Students and Professors Influencing Recruitment and Enrollment. Members of ASPIRE assist Pace in its mission by sharing experiences, communicating general information about the university, and serving as role models to college-bound students. Your participation will help Pace continue its tradition of recruiting quality leaders for tomorrow. 

To join the ASPIRE program, email your name and phone number to, and we'll help you get started.  Please indicate whether you are a student, alumnus/na or a faculty member.