GOAL 1:  Develop within each student a basic medical and clinical science knowledge base and technical skill set to function as competent primary care providers and meet the challenges inherent in the practice of medicine.

GOAL 2: Develop students’ skills to function as culturally sensitive primary care providers in diverse health care settings with a focus on medically underserved populations, to provide healthcare across the span of life.

GOAL 3: Equipping students to meet the changing needs of the health care system and to work as collaborative members of an interprofessional health care team.

GOAL 4: Develop students’ that are self-directed, lifelong learners with competencies of critical thinking and strong evaluative skills.

GOAL 5: Provide academic and clinical experiences that will enhance students comfort and competency when caring for special populations.

GOAL 6: Develop students who possess a commitment to community and professional service.

GOAL7: To actively recruit to educate veterans and diverse graduate students that are under-represented in the profession.

GOAL 8: Develop a diverse faculty who are self-directed, lifelong learners, and active participants in the Physician Assistant profession.

The program will publish its success in achieving goals when the program has operational data to report. Statistical information to be published will include:

  • Program’s graduation rates
  • The program’s student 1st time PANCE Pass Rates for the 5 most recent years
  • The program’s cohort PANCE ranking nationally
  • The program’s recent graduate student employment rate at 6 months
  • Our student publications statistics
  • The program’s recent graduation rates employment in underserved areas and sectors
  • The program’s recent graduate student diversity and veteran graduation rates
  • The program’s recent graduate student employment rate in the Hudson Valley region