Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant program (NYC)

Current tuition and fees are available from the Office of Graduate Admission.  Other costs to be considered by the applicant are books, rent and utilities, food, transportation, and personal medical insurance costs.  All students will be required to purchase medical diagnostic equipment and supplies, and lab jackets for the clinical year.  Students need to also consider costs for Infection Control Certification, HIPAA Certification, Medical Terminology Certification, BLS/ACLS Certification, patient tracking software, immunization tracking software, and PACKRAT and PANCE examinations.  Any student who must repeat a clinical clerkship for any reason will be responsible for any fees and applicable credit hour costs.

Approximate Cost of Attending Pace University - Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant Program

Current students
Students enrolled beginning in July 2017

Our tuition program guarantees students are not subject to a tuition increase while successfully enrolled in the program.  If a student requests a leave of absence or the program initiates a deceleration tuition is subject to change.

The Pace University - Lenox Hill Hospital Program provides the students with malpractice liability insurance.  This information is available in the physician assistant program office.

See more information about financial aid policies and refunds here.

See information on tuition cancellation policy here.