Professor Scharff working with students.


Useful Links

  • The Office of Research
  • The Faculty Resource Network (FRN) at New York University
    • Pace University is a current member of the Faculty Resource Network (FRN), and as such we encourage you to take advance of the multiple opportunities they have, including summer residency programs, workshops, library access and other wonderful resources.

      FRN is an award-winning professional development initiative that sponsors programs for faculty members from a consortium of over 50 colleges and universities. The Network hosts lectures, symposia, and intensive seminars, all of which are designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning at its member and affiliate institutions.

      FRN programs and events are offered year-round, and serve to provide faculty from member institutions with a broad range of faculty development opportunities, including intensive summer seminars, longer research residencies, lunchtime lectures, panel discussions, national symposia, and more.

      If you have any questions or would like to apply for any of the programs offered please email our Pace University FRN liaison Jennifer Pankowski at

      Dr. Jennifer Pankowski EDD
      Clinical Assistant Professor Special Education/Program Coordinator Alternative Certification Programs
      Pace University School of Education
      NYSED DASA Facilitator
      163 William St., 11th Floor
      New York, NY 10038