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International Academic Support

Want to improve your English or participate in one of our specially-designed programs for international students? You’ve come to the right place. International Academic Support (IAS) offers English tutoring, both in individual and group settings, to any international student across any of Pace’s campuses, free of charge. IAS also hosts a wide range of programs aimed at satisfying your individual goals while you’re here at Pace; whether it be to complete ESL class requirements before you matriculate into Pace, to receive academic support to reach your GPA requirements, or simply to study a semester away from home.

Programs and Services

The Global Pathways program combines English and academic course work, which offers international students a path into undergraduate and graduate degrees at Pace University.

The International Access at Pace (IAP) program provides international students with a dedicated academic success team that follows students throughout their first year at Pace, ensuring their successful transition to college-level studies.

The Semester at Pace (SaP) program provides registration support to visiting international students who intend to transfer academic credits to their home institutions after studying at Pace for one or two semesters.

The English and Academic Support program seeks to aid any Pace student whose first language is something other than English to further develop their academic and language skills through free tutoring sessions and self-guided activities.

Our Faculty Support page provides information on how you can better support international students in your classes and how you can stay up-to-date on all things International Academic Support.

Our Meet the Staff page has information on the administrative team behind International Academic Support, including contact information.