Spring 2020

Must Love Dogs

By Lance Pauker On a misty Saturday morning in February, College of Health Professions (CHP) Professor of Nursing Joanne Singleton, PhD;  Pace’s service dog, Professor Spirit; and 25 CHP undergraduate students boarded a bus departing from Pace’s Pleasantville Campus. With coffees in hand, many students noted that while this 8:00 a.m. call-time was a departure from their traditional weekend sleep schedules, today was an exciting, special exception. The group was gearing up for a field visit to Educated Canines... The field trip to ECAD would be about a lot more than just playing with cute animals—although it would be a little bit of that, of course. As the bus trudged down a foggy I-84E, Singleton began to discuss why an individual with a disability or a degenerative condition might benefit from a service dog—and from the perspective of a health care practitioner, the importance of adequately understanding the needs of individuals with service animals.

Women in STEM: They're Setting the Pace

By Jillian Gorry ’11, ’21 These Pace women in STEM are rockin’ it in the labs, in the field, and in the industry. They’re collaborating across disciplines and pushing the limits on cutting-edge research—not to mention, they’re helping young women follow in their footsteps. Quick! Picture a scientist in a lab. Now, picture a web developer. Next, picture a researcher.  Pop quiz: were the people you pictured men? If you said yes, you wouldn’t be alone. And don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you. We promise. These stereotypes, while pervasive, are far from the reality—especially at Pace. STEM (read: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields are social fields. Across industries, STEM fields comprise a deeply...

School Ties

By Alyssa Cressotti ’08, ’18 Many of us claim we’ll “keep in touch” after graduating, not entirely sure if it will really happen. For these Setters, however, keeping in touch isn’t simply a social nicety—it’s a major component of their lives, and by reconnecting in style, they’ve continued to reinforce and strengthen lasting bonds first made during their college years. Meet a few alumni who, through trips, rituals, and serendipitous run-ins, have extended their collegiality well beyond graduation.  Girls Trip “I had never been to Jamaica, and our friend—who was from there—asked if I wanted to come along and I said yes,” recalls Gina Caro ’96. “And then, before you knew it, all five of us were going to Jamaica.” For Caro and fellow Pace alumnae Raquel Muñoz ’95,  Nicole Phillips-Moody ’96, Diana Reyna ’96, and Nadine Wallace  ’96, this first trip was the start of something magical. “That first trip, we were just out of college, and we were in a suite, but jam-...

Fall 2019

Maral Javadifar

A Woman’s Place

From the basketball court to the NFL sidelines, Maral Javadifar’s got game. Her maturity, her focus, and her determination to succeed was what originally made Maral Javadifar ’12 stand out to the Pace University Athletics Department. Javadifar, still in high school and just a prospective student-athlete for the Pace Women’s Basketball team, was recovering from what could have been a career-ending torn ACL when she was recruited by Coach Carrie Seymour and Assistant Coach Patrina Blow. Amid her own concerns that she wouldn’t be able to play basketball at the...
Coffee, latte, and macaroons on a table

Pace Means Business

From dim sum to macarons, meet 15 businesses owned by Pace alumni. Entrepreneurship at Pace Entrepreneurship is more than building a business—it’s about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value. It’s about opportunity. And at Pace, we live opportunity. Pace Small Business Development Center (SBDC): provides free one-on-one advisement, training, and research to help small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs grow or launch their ventures. Since 1986, the Pace SBDC has worked with 16,000+ small businesses, helping them invest more...
Jeffrey Deskovic, Elisabeth Haub School of Law Alumn who was wrongfully convicted

Fighting For Freedom

After serving 16 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, Jeffrey Deskovic ’19 is free and fighting for others. You gotta fight. For your right. To party. It’s karaoke night at a local bar and Jeffrey Deskovic is belting out the popular Beastie Boys song alongside some of his closest friends. To the twentysomethings at the bar, they may look like a group of guys who stopped in for a quick beer before heading to a baseball game, but what the audience doesn’t hear is that what sounds like a crowd-pleasing party hit is actually an anthem and this group of men, who all spent years in prison for crimes they...

Spring 2019

Illustration of a man and a woman cutting a mushroom cloud in half with a saw

World Without End

By John T. Ward Two Pace professors made a commitment to each other—and to wiping out nuclear weapons. Being instrumental in the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize was icing on the cake. At the risk of trivializing their profoundly important work, it’s worth noting that the initial encounter between Emily Welty and Matthew Bolton had a meet-cute quality right out of Hollywood. Arriving early for the first session of intermediate Spanish one summer evening in Washington, DC, Welty found that another student had gotten there even earlier: a tall young man with a soft British accent. He was eager to chat and moved to sit beside her. She was focused squarely on finishing her...
A female and male student in the new Pace building

A Change of Pace

By Renée Olson Gorgeous New Spaces Bring the City In It takes only a brief stroll into the beautifully reimagined spaces at our landmark downtown buildings, One Pace Plaza and 41 Park Row, to understand why our social media has been bursting with emoji-laden praise: Wow! My alma mater  sssoo cool!!  things have gotten fancier since I graduated  The expansive and confident design is what first catches your eye, but far more is at work in this $60 million, 18-month-long reshuffling of campus. The University partnered with FXCollaborative, the architectural firm behind the Condé Nast Building and the Statue of Liberty Museum, to design spaces that strengthen existing connections and inspire new ones—on campus and off. “We have entirely...
Andrea Stewart-Cousins celebrating her win on election night

How NY’s State Senate Got Woke (It Took a Pace Grad.)

By Kelley Freund It took the Democrats in the New York State Senate seven years to break up a group of their colleagues who had crossed party lines to form an alliance with the Republicans. It took the State Senate more than 200 years to choose a woman as the body’s leader, and to place an African-American woman at the top. But when the State Senate broke through all those barriers at once in January and selected State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins ’86, MPA ’08 as the majority leader, it took almost no time to... Stewart-Cousins (who represents Greenburgh, part of White Plains, part of New Rochelle, part of Yonkers, and Scarsdale in Westchester County) has long been known as a strong advocate for issues like human rights, quality education, affordable health care, and making government more efficient. And once she took charge, there was no stopping her. First up, election reform: In an effort to reverse New York’s reputation as a state with one of the lowest voter turnouts in the nation, the Senate...

Fall 2018

Digital illustration of a New York City street

The Drive

It’s not where they started, it’s how they got to where they are. A bank teller who climbed the corporate ladder to CEO. • A journalist who became the first woman to serve as editor and publisher of the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the country and now New York State Secretary of State. • A struggling mom whose inventions like the Miracle Mop soaked up more than $3 billion in sales. • An immigrant from Guyana who shattered glass ceilings to lead information security at one of the... These inspiring people all have something in common. It’s not just that they are Pace Setters, but it’s something that Pace Setters are: driven. Whether you call it ambition, perseverance, motivation, determination, or what fellow alumnus and Acting CEO of CBS Joseph R. Ianniello ’90 refers to as “fire in the belly,” it’s the appetite we have and the way we strive for success. It’s the reason that Mark M. Besca ’81, a partner at EY and chairman of the Pace Board of Trustees, has said he’ll...


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