The Ardent Accountant

March 15, 2021
UN Building

Double major Aissatou Gningue ’22 was already preparing to commit to another college when she happened to schedule a tour at Pace. The experience left such an impression, it caused her to seriously reconsider her plans. “The way I was welcomed by the students I spoke to, the possibilities presented on campus, and the fact that I would stay in New York was a game changer for me,” she told us. She also ended up choosing Pace for the opportunities the University provided, something Gningue didn’t waste any time taking advantage of.

Aissatou Gningue

Currently, she’s pursuing a dual major in both public accounting and political science, and even added a pre-law minor to her busy schedule. “I ultimately want to go to law school to study international law,” she explained, her sights set on eventually working in foreign policy at the United Nations (UN). Gningue dreams big! For now, though, she has a solid plan in place on her way to the UN, which involves focusing her talents on learning more about the auditing process. “I spoke to accounting professionals while [I was] figuring out my major, and I found out that accounting is something I would like to pursue while on my journey [toward] something I am also passionate about.”

As practical as Gningue clearly is, she’s also passionate about a lot—and that includes her many, many extracurricular activities. She not only participates in intramural volleyball games, she’s also an active member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Phi Mu Psi Delta Chapter, and Beta Alpha Psi. These things, she says, were motivated largely by her parents. “I always strived to do well in school because starting at a young age, they gave me the extra push to be the best at whatever I want to do,” Gningue told us. “They set the bar really high and continue to encourage me to go above and beyond.”

In her time at Pace, Gningue has worked in numerous industries from tutoring to sales to counseling all the way to an internship at the New York City Law Department. “My perspective on law completely shifted,” she explained, having worked with law practitioners, former lawyers, judges, and even Mayor Bill de Blasio’s legal team there. It gave her a real sense of the world she would be entering into after graduation. “I learned how policies and the legal system as a whole impacts society and can be used to mitigate issues around the world, including my country, Senegal.”

Like every good legal professional, Gningue is always working to bring people together and foster a greater sense of camaraderie. That’s why she’s working on launching a brand new student organization on the NYC Campus called The Nomads. “The club strives to build a community within Pace to help students meet new people, collect and commemorate memories, and make the most of their college experience,” she told us. “I sincerely hope it will [bring] the Pace Community together and celebrate diversity and inclusion.” We’re excited to see this project flourish!

Did you know her mother is also attending Pace right now, though? It’s true! She already has an MBA in Finance, “but after coming on [a] tour at Pace, she decided to get her master’s in accounting and is on [the] CPA track,” Gningue said. Talk about a Pace legacy story!

We look forward to hearing more about the next big project Gningue decides to take on and pioneer, as well as all the numerous work opportunities we’re sure she’ll be landing on her path to the United Nations. Ambition like that never sleeps, and Gningue is as passionate as they come.

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