May 2024: A Message from President Krislov

May 8, 2024
USTA Center with trees and banners celebrating Pace's graduation ceremony.

As we approach the end of another academic year, I am once again honored to lead this institution.

To students, parents, faculty, and staff—I thank all of you for your contributions to the Pace Community. You are all go-getters who embody Pace’s mission of Opportunitas.

To our graduating students with Commencement right around the corner, congratulations! Your dedication and hard work have gotten you this far and I am sure you will continue to make Pace proud as you rise in your future. We know that for many in this graduating class the pandemic took away your chance at a proper high school graduation in 2020—we are eager to celebrate your accomplishments!

This year has certainly been one filled with new challenges in higher education and I commend all of you for showing why Pace is so strong in the face of outside turbulence. We have built a foundation based on lifting each other up and always putting our best foot forward.

In this issue of PaceNow, we will be addressing some of the most pressing questions about Commencement 2024 ahead of the big day. Additionally, we will dive into the intersection of AI learning and Federal Reserve decisions, featuring insights from Professor Mary Kaltenberg and a student researcher.

Check out the behind-the-scenes look at the making of the new PaceDocs documentary, showcasing the dedication and talent of our students. From immersive research to on-the-ground experiences with coopers in Spain, the PaceDocs team has once again produced a superb picture for the world’s viewing pleasure. You can check out the trailer here.

We also highlight the achievements of four outstanding seniors—Alicia Bennett, Mikayla Meachem, Anthony Moretto, and Olivia Burnett—who have excelled academically while making significant contributions to their communities.

Be sure to check out our student, faculty, and staff events sections for information on upcoming activities and opportunities to engage with the Pace Community.

And, if you’re interested in continuing your education over the summer, Pace offers plenty of options for current students, visiting and non-degree students, and pre-college programs for those looking to get a leg up. Check out summer programs here.

I look forward to celebrating our graduating class with all of you and remain committed to supporting the success of all our students, faculty, and staff.

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From immersive research to on-the-ground experiences with coopers in Spain, the PaceDocs team is once again crafting a captivating narrative. With dedicated translation efforts, meticulous scriptwriting, and seamless editing, the team navigates challenges to produce a stellar final product which will premiere on May 2.


Anthony Moretto ’24 will graduate from Pace as the Pleasantville Campus 2024 Trustee Award Winner; an honor he earned by leveraging his academic talents into tangible impact for the Pace student community.