Meet the SGA Presidents of 2023–2024

Johnni Medina
September 5, 2023
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Another year means a new executive board for our New York City and Pleasantville Student Government Associations. Incumbent president for the NYC Campus Aman Islam ’24, is joined by his Pleasantville Campus counterpart Nicholas Diaz ’26 in sharing their hopes, dreams, and goals for the coming school year.

First things first, what’s your major?

Aman: Political Science.

Nicholas: Digital Journalism.

How did you get involved in student government?

Aman: The Student Government Association was the first organization I joined on campus when I entered the Pace Community in Fall 2020 during the height of COVID. SGA to me was a great organization to join, mainly because I was heavily involved in Student Government in high school. I simply joined the first Zoom meeting, and the rest was history!

Nicholas: Throughout my entire four years in high school, I was heavily involved in student government and I knew that I wanted to continue that in college. Coming into Pace, a predominantly white institution, I knew that I wanted to positively impact all the communities I represent, and there was no better way than SGA. I submitted my application with my fingers crossed and now the rest is history.

How can the Pace Community interact with SGA and get more involved?

Aman: I think it is imperative for all students to get involved with the SGA because we are here to represent them! When we get feedback from the student body, we can then rely on that information to get an issue resolved. This is extremely important as our campus is currently experiencing a major expansion and construction is set to begin. We are here to ensure administrators have a sense on how the student body is feeling and what they can do to help. Also, SGA is here to support other student organizations. We want to collaborate with every organization!

Nicholas: One of the biggest things we want to make clear and known to the Pace Community is our open door policy. If you see any of us in our office, please don’t hesitate to come in and say hello! We want to curate a space where students feel comfortable enough to express their thoughts, concerns, and feelings. We also are implementing a suggestion box that is located right outside of the office, so if you aren’t comfortable enough to express yourself person to person, you can also drop it in the box which is monitored weekly! Our Instagram is also updated regularly with current information so If you haven’t already, follow us!

What plans does SGA have for the year? Any projects/initiatives high on your radar?

Aman: This year we want to focus our attention on organization collaboration! We want to put on major programming events, ensure the transition to 15 Beekman is smooth, and make sure our 2024 seniors have the best experience possible considering the lack of senior year excitement in high school due to COVID!

Nicholas: SGA has a lot of plans that we are excited to make a reality for the year. We are super excited to implement a pep rally to show support for our Athletes and Spirit Squads! We also plan to host a fashion show to celebrate our creatives and artists on campus. We also have career and interest oriented opportunities planned for students. The biggest thing we have planned is to bring back our spring concert and hopefully bring another musical artist to campus!

What are you most excited for?

Aman: Our Fall Carnival which is scheduled for September 8th! We’ll have carnival-style games, food, face painting, music and more! Check our Instagram to stay up to date or to volunteer.

Nicholas: I am so excited to see all the things SGA accomplish this year! I have such a good team who are ready to get things done and are all super eager to get to work and do wonderful things for our Pace Community so I know the sky’s the limit on everything we will do! I truly feel that I was put on this earth to help people so to be able to work closely with the community truly fills my heart!

A fun fact about yourself!

Aman: I just came back from a month-long trip across Europe, and it was the greatest experience of my life thus far.

Nicholas: I love to dance and have been dancing since I was two years old!

To learn more or get in contact with Student Government Association on New York City’s Campus email them at or and follow the NYC SGA on Instagram.

To learn more or get in contact with Pleasantville’s Student Government Association email them at and follow the Pleasantville SGA on Instagram.

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