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Pace People: Jesse Carlo, PhD

November 1, 2023
jesse carlo in his office posing for the camera

Assistant Professor of Musical Theater and Commercial Dance Chair at Pace University’s Sands College of Performing Arts Jesse Carlo, PhD, is an inspiring force behind the institution's vibrant creative atmosphere. In his illuminating video profile, he emphasizes the invaluable exposure Pace University provides to its students, allowing them to collaborate with industry luminaries, including Tony Award, Grammy Award, and Oscar winners. A unique opportunity that not only nurtures students’ talent but also fuels their passion, motivating them to take audacious steps in the competitive world of musical theater. What sets Pace’s Musical Theater program apart is its innovative Life Experience Route, a pathway that enables students to pursue their degree while taking breaks to perform on Broadway or national tours. Professor Carlo takes pride in supporting his students through this transformative journey. When these performers return to the classroom, they bring back a wealth of real-world experiences, enriching the educational environment.

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Faculty and Staff

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