Ready to Launch: A New Pace Portal

Alyssa Cressotti
February 1, 2023

Earlier this semester, Pace’s ITS team launched a beta version of a brand-new Pace Portal, which means you’ll get to choose between the old version (the current one you’re used to) and the new version (which we will transition to on May 16, 2023).

Here are a few of our favorite new features and things to look forward to this spring:

  1. It has a search bar! Looking for that link you found one time three years ago? No need to dig through every page. With the implementation of a search bar, you can easily find the information and resources you need to access.
  2. Students can see their classes listed right there on top of their personal profile page. When students log in to the new Pace Portal, they’ll be able to see their current class roster right up front and center—you know, the important stuff.
  3. It’s a soft launch. Hate change? We get it. Our soft launch of the new Pace Portal will happen in beta this January, meaning you can switch back and forth between the old version and the new version while you’re getting familiarized with the new system. With any luck, this will help ease you into a big change.
  4. You’ll help shape the Pace Portal. While the Pace Community gets used to using the new Pace Portal in beta, we’re hoping to crowdsource feedback from you—our main users! By sharing your feedback with ITS during the Spring 2023 semester, we’ll make tweaks and improvements before the official launch on May 16, 2023.
  5. You won’t ever have to hunt for your U number ever again. The new Pace Portal displays your personal information on your personalized landing page—your U number, your landline phone number, and your Pace email and username.

Ready to try the new portal?

Try the Beta Portal

Have questions or comments on the new Pace Portal? Reach out to Director of Web and Mobile Services Gabriel Terrizzi at

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