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Instructions for Pace University Grant Proposal Clearance

Effective March 19, 2020, all signatures on the Grant Proposal Clearance Form (GPCF) will be accepted through Adobe sign. If you do not have an Adobe Sign, information on how to request an Adobe Sign account can be obtained at Adobe Sign Support.

To obtain the appropriate approval signatures through Adobe Sign, follow the instructions below and use the latest PDF version of the Grant Proposal Clearance Form.

Required Steps

  • Download the latest  Grant Proposal Clearance Form (PDF).
  • Complete the form electronically and leave the signature fields empty. (All signatures will be obtained via Adobe Sign).
  • As part of the clearance process, please make sure you have the project description/abstract and detailed budget in Excel Format available.
  • Please email your completed Grant Proposal Clearance Form, abstract and budget to Elina Bloch.
  • Once your clearance form is received, the Office of Research will review the form for complete accuracy. Once reviewed, Elina Bloch will send out the clearance form for signatures to the Principal Investigator, Chair, Dean and Associate Provost via Adobe Sign.
  • Pay close attention to your inbox for an email from Adobe Sign (echosign). The email will provide instructions on how to digitally sign your Grant Proposal Clearance Form via Adobe Sign.
  • Once the form is fully approved and signed a copy will be sent to you.

External Account Approval Form

Financial Conflict of Interest Form

*Please use Adobe Reader to complete these forms. Download Adobe Reader free of charge.