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Pace Magazine Summer 2024

Summer 2024 Issue

Welcome to the Summer 2024 issue of Pace Magazine. In this issue, we make a case for the humanities; ask deep questions about artificial intelligence; and celebrate the ongoing transformation of One Pace Plaza East. We’re also highlighting Pace people doing great things, reflecting on Commencement, and diving into innovative research within the Pace Community. And don’t forget our "10 Things to Inspire You" column to ignite your Pace pride. All this and more in this edition of Pace Magazine.

Leadership Letter

Our campuses are buzzing with energy and transformation.

From campus renovations to pioneering research, the Summer 2024 edition of Pace Magazine captures the vibrant spirit and accomplishments of our community. We are proud to share stories of our top-ranked Environmental Law program, stellar members of our community, and much more.

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Education in the Age of AI

What does it mean to learn in an AI-driven world? Pace University staff, faculty, and leadership weigh in on the concerns, challenges, and opportunities that AI presents for students, both during their education and as part of their future careers.

Research at Pace

A Unique Case Study: Gender Representation

Lubin’s Ivan Fox Scholar and Professor of Law Jessica Magaldi, JD, is helping to close the gap between what’s reflected in course material and reality, by examining representation of women as protagonists and antagonists in case studies.

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10 Things to Inspire You

PaceDocs crew on location shooting a new documentary film.

PaceDocs premiered The Cooper: Crafting the Soul of the Cask at the Jacob Burns Film Center, with a historic debut in both English and Spanish.

Faculty and students in the new cyberrange at Pace University.

Pace University recently signed an Education Partnership Agreement with the National Security Agency in an effort to develop a pipeline of talent for possible national security challenges.

The Legacy Pavilion memorial

A group of 20 students from Haub School of Law and Dyson College took a life-changing journey to Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama.

longitudinal cross-section of one pace plaza east on the New York City Pace University Campus.

A New Cultural Landmark

Pace’s Sands College of Performing Arts is getting a brand new, state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center at One Pace Plaza East. This ambitious project will feature cutting-edge classrooms, creative arts spaces, and a premier Performing Arts Center, making Pace University a hub for the arts.

Research at Pace

The Highs and Lows of Voice Pitch

Why do humans speak the way they do? College of Health Professions Associate Professor Sethu Karthikeyan, PhD, is exploring the evolutionary biology behind voice pitch.

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Pace People

Sands College of Performing Arts has a new faculty member, who you may know from her many starring and scene-stealing roles over the years. Meet Professor Kathleen Turner, who shares her passion for teaching in a candid Q+A.

Having battled a rare blood condition as a child, Drew D’Auteuil ’21 transformed his experience into a passion for medical research. Today, he's a research technician at the same hospital where he received life-saving treatment.

In a remarkable career that spans over four decades, Barbara Farrell, EdD, CPA, has been an indomitable force in the field of accounting education at Pace University.

Celebrating half a century of dedication! Barbara Egidi and Rosa Ament, PhD, have devoted a combined 105 years to Pace University, shaping countless lives with their passion and commitment.

15 Beekman’s Arcade Machine

In the Seidenberg Lounge in 15 Beekman, Pace students have set up an arcade machine featuring games made by the Pace Community, for the Pace Community. Learn more about how this machine not only celebrates the love of gaming, but the importance of accessibility.

Pace students playing on a homemade arcade machine.
Pace student and teacher at south street seaport printing press

The Future of Humanities at Pace

Through hands-on community projects, research-based course experiences, and a focus on digital humanities, we're preparing graduates to be leaders and innovators. Our mission is to link curiosity-driven learning with real-world impact, creating a future where knowledge truly pays the best interest.

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Save the Date: Alumni Survey

Alumni, we’re excited to announce the follow-up to our 2019 survey, launching on September 10, 2024! Your feedback has been vital in shaping the Alumni Association, and we need your input to continue improving.

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