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Pace Path

Your Pace Path Plan

Beginning in UNV101 and continuing through your time at Pace, faculty, staff, advisors, and mentors help guide you in exploring and building your custom Pace Path plan. These flexible goals are based on your particular major, interests, and career goals, and will help you discover all Pace has to offer. Your plan may include:

  • The reason you chose your major or why you are interested in exploring a certain major.
  • Personal, academic, and professional goals you would like to pursue and achieve.
  • On-campus activities such as student clubs and organizations, academic teams, and Greek life, in which you plan to participate.
  • Resume-building experiences such as internships, co-ops, research projects, clinical placements, and on-campus jobs.
  • Your engagement with mentoring while at Pace.

When you have completed your plan, it will be accessible to you throughout your four years at Pace, serving as a guide for your Pace Path. Each semester as you grow, learn, and reflect, you may update your plan with your current goals and aspirations. The Pace Path plan will help you make intentional choices about your entire educational experience while at Pace.

Current Students: View the Pace Path plan webform.

Faculty: View your students Pace Path plan webform.